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I turned a corner (I hope)

Sunday, February 04, 2018

I feel almost human this morning... I’m able to focus and read, and enjoy a cup of coffee while I cuddle with my Cooper-dog. I even have a bit of an appetite... though I haven’t actually tried eating yet... lol. I am going to be careful with my energy level for a while yet, as I have heard some horror stories from friends who have had the flu and thought they were recovered “enough “ to resume normal activities... and got even worse secondary infections. So, Chandra is going to baby herself along for another week or so, and rest when I feel like I need to... I qualified that title on my blog, because I feel human right now, but I haven’t done anything yet today... like walking the dog, or cleaning the kitchen, or anything else. I am reserving the true judgment of the state of my recovery from the flu until after I do more than cuddling with Cooper. (Though he would probably be agreeable to this being an all day project... lol) I don’t have to be anywhere until Tuesday at 10:30am... I am probably going to mostly hibernate until then, and give my poor self an actual chance to recover... Instead of going gung ho the first instant I have any energy, which would be my natural inclination. Maybe maturity is making me more cautious?
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