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Part two of the Midwife Farmer, and pictures of course!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Just in case you are wondering what befell the Cow and calf from the last blog. I got a call yesterday to come and breed 3 cows. After arraigning a time I was casually told that the cow in question had a big heifer calf. I was silent for a minute, and then I just had to ask, "So was the calf dead or did it resurrect?" After being told it was alive I just broke out in the worst laughing fit, it is a good thing that this farmer is pretty easy going! He laughed too, I think it was catching. I had been pussy footing around telling him I didn't think it was dead, because of course he has had years more experience and tons more cows. After I mentioned that, he said but I had just as much experience with animals and of course the whole hospital thing. So all is well with Mama and baby. It is a huge calf too, about 125 lbs!

After I got to the farm with my cup of hot tea in tow, there was a slight rearrangement of the project, not 3 cows but 8 cows to be bred. Wow, that is a lot in one day, of course it will be a lot in one day 9 1/2 months from now too lol. It was a very cold day so after completing each cow I went into the milk room and turned on the heater for a few minutes to warm up while I got the things ready for the next cow, it was only 9 degrees. The whole project took about 3 hours of hard work. With 3 cows left to do I noticed the lights went out, the electricity was out. Of course it was still daylight and there are lots of windows in the milking parlor, not to mention the whole process is by feel not sight so we did get it done but with no more warm up breaks.

When I left there I stopped briefly at the post office to get my mail, it was locked. The automatic lock must go on when the power is interrupted. so no mail pickup. Our post office is only open 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, but the lobby is open from 7 to 6 at night for pick up. I gave up my house mail box for the winter due to it getting smashed so many times.

I had wanted to get fuel on the way home, Irving was closed, but the shell station has a generator. It doesn't run the main pumps but the off road fuel pumps do have power. I was worried my cellar heater was running low, so I was glad to get the fuel.

Of course when I got home no power, cold house. My dad called so I paced around while talking to him for about an hour. The problem was not with my electric company but with Emera, who had an emergency outage and had to switch power lines, their attempt to switch was supposed to be 15 min to 30 min but they failed so it ended up being 2 1/2 hours. Not so great when it is that cold out. I do have a back up kerosene heater but since it was supposed to be brief I didn't dig it out, kind of a mistake I was chilled all evening.

Some pictures
First Cute Calliope, who took control of my warm snugly quilt I use sitting in the living room before I got to it!

This is the mischievous Cricket, pouncing on Tigers tail. He totally ignored her.

Mama hen with babies, they are doing great so far

I guess this is going to be a joint project, two of the new bantam hens are setting together in a spot of their making behind a wire panel.
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