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10 Pounds Lost

Saturday, February 03, 2018

I got on the scale yesterday, and I lost 10 pounds last month. I'll take it. It's nice to see my weight go down for the first time in a long time. I am feeling more in control again these days, and that feels good.

My thoughts about it are this: I can lose ten pounds while injured. I am on temporary disability from a work accident. I am not using my arms very much because it triggers pain from the nerve impingement in my neck. My trainer has me do planks with my chest on a yoga ball. I can't lift weights. I am unable to run at the moment, and walking often causes the pain to flair up. I did this by consistently by jogging in the a pool (physical therapist recomended and doctor approved), and eating clean. I food prepped this months, so I would not be temped to eat crap when I am hurting. I kept of log of my gym visits. Three out of four weeks last month, I met my goal of exercising 5 times a week. The fourth week, I was a day short. This means I can't really give myself excuses anymore. It can be done, even when injured.

A few weeks ago, I was having a trainer sessions and I glanced over at the person next to me. It was this guy who was ripped, but he only had one leg. He was holding a plank. While using a machine for my legs, I saw a guy doing arm work in a wheel chair. If your body is working perfectly fine, be thankful. If it's not, do what you can. It can still be done.

When I got the gym membership, in the end of October, I had spent the previous two months laying around on muscle relaxants. I had gain like 20 pounds in those two months. I hobbled in with my back hunched and my neck cocked to one side. I showed the woman, who had given me the gym tour, my picture of me at four different sizes by the train. I told her that I have lived my life now as two people..pointing to highest weight and the lowest. I am mid weight right now, and I am not going back to that high weight. Working out is hard, but so is being fat. Choose your hard. I know it's a snowball effect. Starting is the hardest part but once the momentum gets going, it becomes intrinsically reinforcing and it gets easier. Then she made me show my picture to like everyone.. and I joined to gym. So I believe the snowball has officially started.. Injured or not, I am going to do this.
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