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morning cuppa spark - hello february!

Thursday, February 01, 2018

here we are! it's february! and silly season has started. january has usually been a slow work month, but not this year, so i am already adjusting/adjusted to the priorities. one of those means i send DH off with shopping lists for all the errands that we would usually do together. i call in our produce order to the organic farm, and then he gets to piece together the rest from the various stores on island. he had 9 stops yesterday! and when he comes home, i get to find room for everything.

i wind up cooking twice a week - each dish lasts for 3 meals, and DH does not complain at the repetition. here are the current recipes:


and most important is fitting in exercise - DH is pushing to get back to running, and we ran 9 times in january. i got him his own fitbit charge 2 so he is pushing for his own steps (though he was always on board with "ours") so that also helps in the commitment category.

yesterday was a walking day - a bit of recovery from the previous run, and we weren't going too far because i had to get back to work. i do all my walking wearing flip flops (they are comfortable and i manage on just about all terrain!) but i had noticed that they were starting to come apart on monday, and ordered a new pair from REI (we are on a remote island with very few stores of any kind). while we were out yesterday, one flip flop broke - and we had a few miles home. DH removed a shoelace from one sneaker and jerryrigged a "greek sandal" for me, tying the flip flop to my foot. we flopped our way home:-) and one of the errands for DH was the post office, where amazingly my REI package was waiting for me with my new flip flops - which i inaugurated on our evening walk on the beach:-) (amazon "prime" packages can still take weeks to get here).

i haven't taken the evening photos out yet, but here is what we found in the garden when we hobbled home from the morning walk:

and the stats that ended off january:

february goals:
spark - log in. wellness quiz. read blogs. blog.
exercise - 15,000 daily average (105,000 per week), run every other day
nutrition - plan by morning coffee. prepare early in the day when possible.
beck - do it!
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