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Who needs sleep - I DO!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Whenever I get to this point in my insomnia I always think of this song entitled, "Who Needs Sleep." I'm not as exhausted today, I got like an hour or two of sleep last night and that was enough to perk my manic self back up. So I'm cheating on my no caffeine and having a cup of coffee. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist (he squeezed me in) and it's an hour away. I can't be all lethargic with the traffic I'm going to have to be driving in!! But that little bit of sleep has me feeling as though I can take on the world again! I want to sew!

But my back and knee are still aching and hurting like mad, so I should not do much. Phooey.

I got my bariatric sampler pack from Inspire. 7 packets of the top shakes, tried chocolate covered cherry last night and it was SO good. I'll be buying a bag of that. The multi vitamins (you take 3 a day) are yummy. The Iron supplement smells of nail polish remover and tastes of it, or what I imagine it would taste like, plus grape. I sent in a complaint and they said it's supposed to be like that. Not buying my iron supplement from them for sure, I can't chew that, I'm tossing it! Aunt came over while I had it all out and read the ingredients and was like, "Oh, this is not organic by any means, you can't take this!" Who said I was going organic? I'm consuming nothing but shakes for most of the day and they are definitely not organic! LOL. Oh, and I got a corn chowder mix, for cold days, can't wait to try it!!

So, I'm trying to tone it down a bit with my mania, because I know my body has to be having a hard time of it with such little sleep. Being manic just masks it. But that is like like trying to keep a bird from singing after it's flown up in the air. Impossible. As long as I stay busy, I'll be okay. But if I get bored, which doesn't take much, I end up cleaning or doing something active and hurting my back and knee worse.

Everybody in the house is sick but me! And they are all sick with different things! Ahhhhh! I'm going to disinfect the house this afternoon, wash all the bedding and stuff. Might hurt my back and knee some, but I don't want everyone to take turns having what each other have. No sirree. Plus, I don't want to get any of it!

Off to get ODD ready for school, her fever is gone and she is just coughing so they won't write her any more school excuses. She's missed a lot of school and is going to be so behind! YDD is still throwing up, so she is staying home. DH has what we think is the flu, so he's home from work again today. I'm taking my vitamins and extra vitamin C and staying hydrated and am trying so hard not to get sick! I always catch things worse than other people have it, and these guys are pretty darn sick, so I'm picking up some disinfectant while I'm out and going to spray everything I can't wash!!! LOL

Off I go to get me and ODD ready for the day. I hope y'all are not sick and have a wonderful Wednesday!


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