Ready for week #3

Sunday, January 28, 2018

So it has been 2 weeks since my new start.
I'm happy to report that i've lost 6 pounds.
Well... i did, cause yesterday there was a +4 on the scale and i was pretty mad until i discover later that day that my period decided to show up. At least i know why there was a +4 on the scale. So i decided to wait a week to weight myself again.

My first change that i decided to made was to eat, at least, 1 fruit per day, cause i wasn't really eating any. That was a success! So i'll continue and try to had more starting this week.

New this week : this guy ....

feel like we are going to watch great tv together and that will be my way to include some exercices everyday. My goal this week is to do 30 mins of bike every day.

Well, that's the news this week... until next time.... Have a good week people!
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