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Re-Imagining Magic

Thursday, January 25, 2018

I don't believe in magic.

That is what I have told myself and have told many people over the years.

However, an article I came across from NPR today has me revising my beliefs. Perhaps I DO believe in magic after all! I often tell others that "I'm from Missouri, show me," I want proof!

Well magic can be very simple and so self-evident and ever-present that we obliviously stumble over it, unaware of the beauty of everyday magic.


We can learn SO MUCH from these "Blue Zones" that exist around the globe! Here is another delightful article about the Blue Zone of Ikaria, an island off the coast of Greece:


For me, magic is not "out there," it is not the latest lotion, potion, diet, vitamin, surgery, or exercise workout. Magic comes from within. It arises:

---from taking care of our bodies by delighting in healthy food choices;
---from moving our bodies and enjoying our physicality;
---from resting and giving our bodies the pleasure of sleep and enlightenment of our dreams.

Magic initially arises within when we realize how much we need meaningful contact with others and seek them out and connect with them in ways that pays our magic forward.

Breathing in, slowly, deeply with a long exhale...isn't by itself magical, but we transform it into magic when we have that moment of "oh! what a delight it is to have such a complex phenomena as my body working so well as to offer me this moment of deep appreciation!"

Gratitude transforms our view of the world in magical ways.

The gorgeous and magnificent beauty of nature isn't by itself magical, it's our ability to pause and take in nature and soak up the beauty in a deeply appreciative way that transforms it into magic!

A cup of tea becomes magical when we pause, take in the aroma, the warmth and flavors and savor our sips.

The magic is inside of us, with the potential ever-present if we choose to notice.

I hope you can enjoy the wisdom and magic these articles have culled from these "Blue Zones" and put them to use in spreading a "Blue Zone" throughout our world!

Keeping the Spark!

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