Look Ma, No Muffin!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Well, really it was more like
*thunderous run made extra dramatic by the two dogs running along with me through the construction zone that is our little fixer-upper to the garage where we're currently living
(Babe is slightly startled but interested)
*furious pointing at waistline
"No muffin top!!"

That's right y'all, my jeans actually fit... properly!!

I've been working from home for the last month so it had been about that long since I wore anything but paint-stained leggings and giant, equally artistically scarred hoodies.
Last night dear lover had to go to town, and knew I wouldn't want to miss out on a trip to the hardware store. With my craft habit, the hardware store is more exciting than even the shoe store! So I pulled out some jeans and a new t-shirt I got for Xmas but hadn't tried on. I typically change in the bathroom, because the aforementioned construction zone is cold and the bathroom has a small space heater, plus our only mirror at the moment. As you can imagine, it's a real insult to injury situation when I realize something doesn't fit or I don't like the way it looks on me, because alternative options are far away.
When I put on the t-shirt, I was a little disappointed.
It fit perfectly.

Proper fit is normally one of the main qualities one would look for in a shirt.. but it's not blousey at all around my midsection, just fits like a regular fitted t-shirt. I haven't worn a shirt that actually touched my stomach in probably 7 months or more. If it didn't resemble a tent or table cloth, I didn't wear it.

I knew that the last time I wore those jeans I had to use a hair tie to close them, couldn't zip them, they were STILL too tight and gave me a bad muffin top and barely covered my tramp stamp when I was standing because they were so small on me.

Needless to say, I didn't think the 11 lb I've lost this month would be enough to change that much. But, I was already in there, might as well see if I can see any changes at all, and then at least my legs would be warm while I walked back to the closet to find something else to wear....
Did I grab the pair I thought I did?!?!
Can it be?

And they don't just fit, they fit properly!!
The waistline came up to just below my belly button and buttoned and zipped just fine.
The inside of the pockets STAYED INSIDE THE POCKETS rather than bulging out in an effort to find room for my spare tire.
And best of all: NO MUFFIN TOP!!!

For the first time in a very long time, I went out in jeans and a fitted T and felt pretty.

For the first time in even longer, I was able to hop out of the pick up and run into the store without having to stand by the truck for a second and adjust all of my clothes back to where they were supposed to be; they fit, so they just stayed by themselves!!

To see such big changes in my clothes after only 11 lbs lost is a big and pleasant surprise, and has me looking so forward to my measurements next week for the end of the month!!

I'm so thankful to myself for everytime I told myself to just START my workout and let the rest sort itself out, told myself to step higher, to do one more rep after my interval timer beeped, to chug one more glass of water before I have a snack in case I'm not really hungry, to cook something instead of throwing something easier in the microwave or letting dear lover take me out...

It feels good to feel good about myself and my choices.

25 days and counting:
NO alcohol
NO diet pop (or any pop, but diet is my vice)
NO energy drinks
NO drinks of any kind aside from h2o/tea/occasional caffeinated mio water
NO deep fried foods
NO sugary desserts
NO take-out or Delivery

I don't really have a goal in mind for any of these but the alcohol, which I planned to give up for the month of January, and the diet pop, which i would like to give up forever, but so far this feels right, so I'm celebrating It!
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