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Do You Have a Life Assurance Plan?

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"Don't you mean Life INSURANCE policy?," you ask. No, you heard right, it' IS Life 'ASSURANCE' and the policy is yours and mine if we will buy into it. .::: Truth is: we are buying into 'something' every day, so why not make it good?

While certain conditions and illnesses or accidents occur, many ARE preventable.
What we eat and what we do on a daily basis has a lot to do with our state of health and a forecast of
things to come if we avoid the warnings and take heed to health messages.

Recently my older brother and his wife who live in San Diego had to evacuate their home quickly due to the fires you probably heard about. It was critical they waste no time.

Likewise with our health: Over fifty years ago, the surgeon general warned 'smoking may be hazardous to our health," So is a sedentary lifestyle and a frivolous attitude of buying fast food on a routine basis. We have received an abundance of warnings and yet, this is what i eye witness EVERY time i go to Costco!

Take a look at the Menu. Unhealthy foods drenched in fats 'n sugars; super sized portions have caused an epidemic of obesity and diseases connected.

Of course some will argue, "We all have to die sometime!"
Sure but why hasten up the process?

How much thought do we put into the condition of our liver or think about what it needs to stay healthy as the major filter of our body? .... Or our other organs and body systems? Do we think about them as much as we do the number on the scale?

Things to Do:
Here's a number of ways we can bring Assurance to our Plan.
Assurance that we can by-pass many diseases.

Things to Avoid:

Looks like a crime scene, doesn't it? .... Yes and it IS a crime when a person suffers a fatal heart attack or stroke due to blocked arteries. It could have been avoided through diet and exercise. None of us wish to spend our time sitting waiting to see the Doctor for illness and we certainly don't want to watch our hard earned money being drained from us.

Here in Sparks, it is a good place to get your ducks in a row by getting a Life Assurance Plan!
I have made it this far in life with 'double-coverage.'

Thanks for stopping by today .... Be sure to enjoy the Assurance good health brings!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Agreed!!!!!! Thank you!
    484 days ago
    Yes! Life is short as it is, so why not do what it takes to PROLONG it and make it healthy!

    Indeed, so many complain that it costs so much to eat healthy, fresh, whole foods. Well, which costs more . . . .that or paying that AND THEN SOME to the Dr. to try to sort out whatโ€™s wrong. Iโ€™d rather spend my time and money eating healthy and moving my body to keep it strong and healthy.

    484 days ago
    Fabulous blog.I love the way you presented this.Would you mind if I get my husband to read it but every once in a while when things particularly strike me I ask if it is alright to badger my resistant husband into reading it.He was a soldier so he got megatons of exercise so he stayed muscular but his diet is atrocious.He eats what I eat plus a plethora of other things.He sneaks Lays potato chips behind my back.Then he says "I don't get it I have diabetes and high cholesterol and Cheri doesn't when we eat the same things and I get more exercise she is in a wheelchair" Apparently he does not count the two hours of dedicated physiotherapy I do every morning as exercise.The fact that I lift weights while I rub the dogs belly with my other hand.LOL! I do leg exercises while I watch tv those things are in addition to my physio I don't count them as exercise.I also refused a powered wheelchair and use my arms !His BMI is not high (it is to the max of acceptable though !) so he says he does not need Spark even though I disagree !
    484 days ago
    emoticon WOW! What a FANTASTIC BLOG Jan! emoticon
    484 days ago
    Good advice.
    484 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    484 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I have been telling my husband almost the same things your blog said, spread out over the years we have been married. He was overweight when we married, and he assured me he was going to the gym everyday and he would be down in no time. Weigh in at that time was 232 lbs. and now after being married nearly 7 years I put him on the scale one morning = 252 lbs. and I offered him a challenge. I said I didn't think he could stay out of a fast food, cafe, restaurant, or anywhere selling food that was already made (including pizza) for one month. So all his food was to be home cooked, not by me, as he does not like my cooking, but by him, he knows how. I guaranteed if he stuck to this he would lose a min. of 15 pounds. Well, on about the middle of the month he weighed in at 229, less than when we met. I don't know if he is following all the rules, probably not, I think this miracle came about mostly because he cut way back on portions. He went down 2 pants sizes. But I'm not convinced he is truly motivated.

    Great blog, all good info, and well presented.
    484 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon
    484 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    Great way to think about it.
    484 days ago
    Fun read. I am good with everything except getting to bed on time. I start working on something and the next I know it is 10:30pm! will have to start setting timers. Thanks!
    484 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Fantastic blog Jan, always nice to get info on staying the course with our lives to be healthy, thank you.
    484 days ago
    Excellent take on insurance vs assurance. So true about the Costco line. Hopefully, they don't do it often.

    484 days ago
    A great blog and good information that we need to be reminded of that we need to make healthy chooses
    but I am human and not perfect when i make food choices that don't fit in to the food police eat this not that
    i enjoy it and move on down the spark trail. i don't do fast food but do enjoy an nice Hamburger fixed at home or a nice what a call I a Sit down restaurant. like another Sparker we can eat a food we crave in small amounts and move on its not and every meal. I make cookies for my brother every two weeks and have since 1999 when he move to Colorado . set a few side for me if am good and don't sample the dough( I know all about raw dough) I can have two with tea for my dessert. at first i could eat five while they cooled and i wrapped for mailing . since sparking the reward plan works and i know three taste the same as five++
    Happy to report that even thought I have three fast food places in walking distance and drive by them while dong errands i have not been to them in several months. thanks again Jan for a great blog .
    484 days ago
  • AURA18
    emoticon "Assurance that we can by-pass many diseases" emoticon emoticon
    484 days ago
  • LIS193
    Great blog! We are what we eat and we can learn how to make the best choices for us. Of course there are situations when the choices aren't optimal but when you look hard there are ways to minimize the damage by either avoidance or portion control.
    484 days ago
    Great blog. emoticon If people were just willing to wake up and smell the coffee. I try to discuss this with my DH almost daily. He is overweight, has heart problems, diabetes, neuropathy and a bad back. But, I can not change things for him. He has to be willing to do it himself. As they say, you can lead a horse to water and that's about it.
    484 days ago
    484 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    484 days ago
  • MOMMY445
    so well said
    484 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Well said!!! emoticon
    484 days ago
    Thanks Jan for reminding us that "We Are In Charge!" Like you, it amazes me what people eat! I know that I don't eat perfectly every day, far from it, but we never eat fast foods.
    I am trying to be very conscious of the foods I am eating and working on getting in more exercise! I am not ready for my last years of life to be spent with health issues, not to say it won't happen, but I am sure going to do my best to keep it from happening.
    I am making my Life Assurance Plan!
    484 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I'm a work in progress. Still trying to move forward a little each day. Some days better than others as I'm just so stubborn. No fault, but my own. The desire for healthy is there and so are SP so I'll eventually get there.โ˜บ
    484 days ago
    Wonderful posting!! Well put, well defined!! It's terrific!! I'll be passing this on for sure!
    484 days ago
  • LME412
    This blog really says it like it is. I am glad I stopped all those bad activities and replaced them with healthy choices most of the time! Enjoyable blog thank you!
    484 days ago
    marvelous blog as usual its up to us how we live 7 walking is good for me
    484 days ago
    484 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Great blog Jan and so true. Seems many of us don't worry about what we put in out mouths until it's too late. I'm one who did that and suffered the consequences. Glad I found SP!
    484 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Great blog Jan! Good advice and really it is a testament on how we should treat our bodies.
    484 days ago
    Preaching to the choir here. It's a great sermon and I hope it get wide dissemination. I will like this and urge others to read it as well!!!
    484 days ago
    Thanks, 2B, Great lesson and reminder. Your "Things to Do" are Right On target! This week on my "Cut out processed food in 6 weeks" is no fast food or fried foods! What a coincidence. When we are out and about and need to have a fast food stop, I could plan better and have food from home or order things that are much better for you, Healthier items are there, they just aren't the things we usually want to eat. Next time, I'm remember Life Assurance before I order. emoticon emoticon
    484 days ago
    Sorry I couldn't read your whole blog, your pictures were making me ill! I gave up eating greasy burgers, etc at fast food places long ago!!! If I have to eat out, I try to find a subway.
    484 days ago
  • no profile photo ROCKS8ROX
    Great blog! Maybe the food industry could but some informative consequences on the side of the French fry boxes, and wrappers of the hamburgers (just examples), so that people can be reminded how bad these foods can be for your health. I think that fast food have mad some strides in health by offering caloric values to their food, and by offering "lighter" versions of their food. Funny thing, it's not just fast food, it's fatty choices in meats and the" super size" portions that are out there. Anyone ever heard of a "super sized" apple?
    Thanks for sharing with me!

    484 days ago
    I like this post. I find my body warning me more often or maybe I am just noticing it. Last night we ordered take-out chinese . I got sweet and sour chicken. That may sound like I am breaking awayfrom my goals and life assurance plan but it isn't really. I ate a much smaller portion and had eaten less during the day. I have s small portion of it for lunch today with shrimp fired rice. I will leave the sweet and sour sauce off of it. My weight is also down two pounds from yesterday. I am finding I stick to my plans and goals better if I cheat every now and then.
    484 days ago
    Great blog that gets right to the heart of the matter - Life Assurance!!

    484 days ago
  • 52BINCE
    Definitely food for thought with a clear message about assurance, but pictures that make it easy to understand how our lives can be better for health and fitness! And you are right, we are buying into something every day! Great blog 2B!
    484 days ago
  • NOMI_822
    What an awesome blog.. I love it!!! You are so right about fast food places I mean who wants an entire days calories in a sack you can carry like the brown bags we carried as kids for lunch. Some of those burgers by themselves are 600-700calories add some fries,drink, or a shake and you have consumed enough calories for an entire day. Worse still you're hungry a couple of hours later. I go for home made most of the time and fix hubby lunch. I have an assurance policy now and fought with ulcers n my 30's. Great message Thank you for it. emoticon emoticon
    484 days ago
    As usual, you are right on target!
    484 days ago
    What an excellent blog!!! If this doesn't open up the closed eyes, I choose to keep praying. Our nation is so unfit. Right now, according to the VA Hospitals, more than 75% of our men and women who are age-eligible to be in the military CAN NOT serve because they are over-weight. Think about that for a moment. We don't have the woman/man power to defend our country should we end up going to war. WOW!!!! That hit me really hard when that information was passed out in the class I was taking at the VA Hospital. YIKES!!! So, I choose to continue to PRAY!


    - Nancy Jean -
    484 days ago
    Great blog Jan . .

    Thanks for the reminders

    484 days ago
  • JAJABEE1717
    What a timely message for me to reinforce what I encountered yesterday. My DH and I rarely eat out and yesterday was a good reason why. A friend took us out to Applebee's to celebrate DH's 70th birthday. I could have chosen smarter but I went with the fish & chips. My weakness. They used to do such a good job, but this was greasy and slightly undercooked in the thickest portion. My mistake. I'm doing better today starting it out with a green kale smoothie and planning to finish with a vegetable chili.
    484 days ago
    Nice blog!
    484 days ago
  • no profile photo ROSSYFLOSSY
    484 days ago
    emoticon And if you pay attention, your body will tell you! Just... not... worth it.

    484 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    484 days ago
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