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Do You Have a Life Assurance Plan?

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"Don't you mean Life INSURANCE policy?," you ask. No, you heard right, it' IS Life 'ASSURANCE' and the policy is yours and mine if we will buy into it. .::: Truth is: we are buying into 'something' every day, so why not make it good?

While certain conditions and illnesses or accidents occur, many ARE preventable.
What we eat and what we do on a daily basis has a lot to do with our state of health and a forecast of
things to come if we avoid the warnings and take heed to health messages.

Recently my older brother and his wife who live in San Diego had to evacuate their home quickly due to the fires you probably heard about. It was critical they waste no time.

Likewise with our health: Over fifty years ago, the surgeon general warned 'smoking may be hazardous to our health," So is a sedentary lifestyle and a frivolous attitude of buying fast food on a routine basis. We have received an abundance of warnings and yet, this is what i eye witness EVERY time i go to Costco!

Take a look at the Menu. Unhealthy foods drenched in fats 'n sugars; super sized portions have caused an epidemic of obesity and diseases connected.

Of course some will argue, "We all have to die sometime!"
Sure but why hasten up the process?

How much thought do we put into the condition of our liver or think about what it needs to stay healthy as the major filter of our body? .... Or our other organs and body systems? Do we think about them as much as we do the number on the scale?

Things to Do:
Here's a number of ways we can bring Assurance to our Plan.
Assurance that we can by-pass many diseases.

Things to Avoid:

Looks like a crime scene, doesn't it? .... Yes and it IS a crime when a person suffers a fatal heart attack or stroke due to blocked arteries. It could have been avoided through diet and exercise. None of us wish to spend our time sitting waiting to see the Doctor for illness and we certainly don't want to watch our hard earned money being drained from us.

Here in Sparks, it is a good place to get your ducks in a row by getting a Life Assurance Plan!
I have made it this far in life with 'double-coverage.'

Thanks for stopping by today .... Be sure to enjoy the Assurance good health brings!
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