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morning cuppa spark - running again

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

well, walk-runs. we (DH and i) have agreed that we will run every other day. we have a nice loop that is mostly downhill, or at least so it seems - we park the car halfway up a hill, i walk to the top with claire as my warm up, and then start the run-walk (30 second intervals) and it is flat or downhill for the next 2 miles or so. one more hill, then instead of going back to the car (uphill), we turn down toward the sea, and end up at 3 miles. then we walk back to the car (uphill) so we get a total of 4 miles. and we stretch. i haven't quite gotten to the woohoo endorphin stage, but i can feel improvement with each run. and i try not to think about other years, when i have been able to run the entire way, or even do two laps around the loop without the extra downhill toward the sea. it feels like progress, and that is good. sometimes we are rewarded with whale sightings; sometimes deer. we try to go early, before the heat comes up. rounded off the day with a walk break from work, and some zen weed pulling in the garden.

more than hit the step goal yesterday, and weight is bottoming out at the low end, almost scream weight. but no problem there - we were invited to dinner, marvelous hostess, ate probably a bit too much, but the lovely hostess really went out of her way - as she served, two people were no-added salt, i was vegan, two were low-carb (keto?), and three were "normal"! so i really did not even have a "not my food" issue to address. and weight is still good today.

i valued sleep, and when the alarm went off at midnight i reset. feels much better.

as for photos - DH always says that the best camera is the one you have with you, and when we were on the cool down walk, i was glad for my iPhone:

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