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Post-Surgery Update

Friday, January 19, 2018

Feel free to skip this one. Some observations may not be for all audience members. Last week, I had gall bladder removal surgery. It came at just the right time. By the time the date came, I was so uncomfortable, in so much pain, I had sort of made peace with the idea of organ removal. I had done some reading and learned that unpleasant times could be ahead and knew that my diet would need to be tweaked.

Note I said "tweaked", not "overhauled" or some other major word. For that minor change, I am indebted to SparkPeople! I had already changed my diet considerably. To date, no diarrhea, no need to add more fiber (I get plenty!) This is turning out to be an easier life change than I expected!

I am more sore than anticipated; I thought I would be back at Planet Fitness already, but, overall, this is not the ordeal I thought it would be.

One of my Sparkfriends is MichCleary and she blogs about clean eating. I did not know the term until she shared her experience with me. I thought, initially, this was a bridge too far for me. Funds are tight and I still shop discard bins etc. But, I discovered some minor changes I can make so that I can eat more cleanly. I was surprised to discover that I have already made some of the bigger changes and that's thanks to SP!

So, let the experiments begin. What did I just eat that makes me not feel good? What do I eat instead? There are foods I need to avoid, and, for the most part, I already do, but I do need to learn what is specific to me. Thanks to SP, I actually look forward to this next phase of my journey.

The biggest surprise is the disappearance of some other annoying medical issues. No more bladder leaks, no more mad dashes down the hall! Who knew?! Yes, I am still in pain and, no, I am not back at the gym YET, but things are looking UP!
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