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What Is Your Vision?

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Aren't you glad we don't have to pay a complete stranger to predict our future; to inform us what THEY Envision for OUR lives? ...

The good news is you and i have an "Imprint" on our mind for health and fitness along with many other things .... What we do and say daily is in direct proportion to our 'internal' picture. When we commit to fitness and activity, then we SEE ourselves getting dressed for an outdoor walk, a visit to the gym, spark TV Video's or something that will take us further down the health trail.

Whatever the instance, everyone 'sees' themselves favorably or not.

Can we get there without submission to some degree? ... Every health article we read alludes to building a healthy lifestyle which includes consistent exercise, a balanced healthy diet and so forth...:: When we commit .... we have actually submitted our will to those things that are sure to bring us benefits

Allow me to give a negative illustration of RESISTANCE and non-conformity. This is in no way to judge, yet, it is difficult not to draw a conclusion based on observation.

My 67 year old neighbor suffered a serious heart attack nearly one year ago. His Doctors all told him he MUST stop smoking and begin to walk, even if it were ten minutes a day to start and then increase a little more each day. This is my VISUAL when i open my garage door and leave for the gym on most days.: It is winter and the weather is cold, yet the man and his wife have their garage door wide open so i can see they are smoking cigarettes. Instead of him walking, the wife pushes him in a wheel chair. He refuses the cardiologists advice to walk and insists he is disabled now and needs to rest. ..:: Of course, "to each his own." .... but this is what gave me the idea for "What is your Vision?" ....

Nothing ventured Nothing gained.

I bet we can likely agree that what we are willing to SUBMIT to and put ourselves into is what we can expect to gain in return.

What have we got to lose?
Here's just a few: .... Risk of heart attack, strokes, many cancers, bone and muscle loss, osteoporosis, bone fractures, depression, diabetes, decline in mental alertness, loss of finances, loss of independence ....And that's only part of it.

What have we got to gain?
Everything that has to do with life, liberty and freedom from many of the conditions and diseases stated.

We need not put our lives in the hands of strangers but create a life worth living ourselves!

A Fortune teller may not tell you that to Succeed, you need to have goals, be willing to commit and an ACTION PLAN : Plus we can find plenty of 'sage' advice right here on Sparks! ..::Are we not worth it for ourselves AND our loved ones? ...

Thanks for stopping by today .... And don't worry, there's NO charge! LOL
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