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Sunday, January 14, 2018

another week. and i've been in a very strange position - not just goal weight, but below! and yes, the pizza birthday celebration brought my weight back up again, but it has held steady.

i have not been tracking, but i've followed my basics - meals are planned by the end of coffee in the morning. my regular breakfast in the night, no food again until lunch. we haven't had our mid afternoon snack most days; counting out the pistachios to go with wine before dinner. it's a routine, and it has worked. we had leftover pizza twice (two whole pizzas were frozen after the party), but without the "extras" (appetizers and dessert) from the party, they have not had much of an effect on weight, which has remained steady at the 104-5 level, just where it should be.

we haven't gone running again, but we have tried to push for "exercise walks" as opposed to strolling along or just photo walks (which are also strolls). i've almost completed the "last 6 week transformation" videos, and i think the days with strength training have been important. fell just shy of the 15,000 step daily goal on one day, but more than made up for it on the others. i've had to push myself to do the video on a couple of occasions, but watching the countdown clock of "just" 30 minutes has made it seem doable - a matter of just "doing it".

much has become habit at this point - i know what foods i should (and should not) be eating; i know not to eat between meals. hunger is not an emergency and there is plenty of "not my food" to be recognized - though i did eat a bit of "not my food" this week. i will probably be facing more parties (a sunset celebration coming up today) and will have to think about more "not my food" issues. but being at goal, and not struggling to lose, makes it easier.

best of all are the adventures we take here in hawaii (where we are pleased to say we "survived" the emotional stress of waking up to a ballistic missile warning yesterday). we celebrated life yesterday with a hike up in the jungle - a place that can only be accessed by a sturdy vehicle and a friend just bought a truck for the purpose and invited us along. it was amazing! here are a few photos:

the view that greeted us when we parked the car

first we walked up a road

we entered the jungle and walked on the "boardwalk" - lots of balance involved, and something i could DO thanks to losing weight and exercising here on SP!

we emerged in an open area, the photos don't do it justice

claire decided to step off the boardwalk and turned into one dirty doggie
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