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Saturday, January 13, 2018

re 1/12

2549 Calories
Overeating due to eating 960 calories in the evening.
Not sure what is going on. I have not done anything like this in a few months.
Overexercise? Nuts? Tired in evening? Really hungry? Worried about cold weather?
I don't know. Going to avoid nuts for a few days and see what happens, then reintroduce them. You might read "other stuff" below and think it is due to that. However, I deal with the issues that I described on a daily basis, so that is nothing new.

Leslie Sansone -- 4 Miracle Mile DVD with band
Oxycise Work-out # 4
Upper body strength training

Listening for guidance for how to tackle things that need fixing

Other stuff:
Fixed toilet in basement. I looked at the fixtures in the toilet upstairs and in the basement and also parts on line. I figured out that it really wasn't broken, just needed needed to be reattached. It is working for now anyway. Told husband I fixed it. He said he tried but it didn't stay for him. He said he had then forgotten about it. I told him that I hadn't forgotten and I had a list going.

Took trash out to the road for garbage pick-up and then retrieved can because this task was not done by someone in the household that considers this his job but has to be reminded (subtly or I am nagging) every week. I wanted to see what would happen if I did not remind him. Decided I am going to stop reminding him and just do it myself every week. Tired of the game. Mind you, I am not the one that designated "men's work" and "women's work."
I can take on some "men' work" as I am doing. It's just that I am left with all the "women's work" that I never get any help with. Trash pick-up is every Friday unless there is a holiday. This is not complicated, tedious, or overwhelming. Just one task that takes 5 minutes. You take the trash....you roll it to the road.

Regarding the forgetfulness -- I don't claim to have the best memory in the world either.
That is why I have utilized calendars, lists, cheat sheets, info summaries, and sticky notes. I had to do that at my previous job and keep things running there, many times reminding people to do things or checking to see if things were done. I don't miss that.

1 hour light therapy. I do think this does give me more energy and a bit better mood.

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