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Long time missing blogs

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Seems like forever since I did a blog, I started one a couple of times but losing the whole thing when you are almost done is enough to discourage me for a couple of days.

So glad the holidays are over, It was a very long ride down to MA and just as long ride back, but I had a good time. It is always good to get back home, I live a much less noisy life then occurs with all those people in one house. Mike and I spend a lot of time cooking together, we made Christmas Painted Sugar cookies, always a tradition in our family, I made a Chocolate Chiffon pie and a Raspberry pie. We did the traditional Christmas sweet breads, Mike wanted me to add the stocking wreaths this year and it was a good thing we did. He made the Cinnamon rolls we always have for Christmas morning and without putting on his glasses put cloves in instead of Cinnamon, they were not edible. Errin came to me and asked what was wrong with the Cinnamon rolls, I took one smell and said they were Clove rolls. We all got a laugh out of that!

Calliope spend a week sticking as close to me as possible, sleeping on top of me, following me around just to make sure I didn't get away again, I really missed her too!

The long cold we had was very trying, to have the cold that long causes freezes that wouldn't occur with just one night well below 0. It tends to be much better because I am home to tend things rather then being gone for 14 hours at night, but I sure went through a lot of pellets in that time.

My neighbor swears the chickens drop on the amount of eggs when he does chores, and funny enough it is true, I think it is because he doesn't talk to them!

Little Cricket is sure growing, I find it almost impossible to get a decent picture of her because she never holds still, she runs around investigating, then comes back and wants to be picked up and cuddled. She is a really nice cat, and very gentle with her claws for a kitten.

Today was Egg selling day, I didn't go the last two weeks because of the cold the first week and because of the big storm last week. There were a lot of people buying eggs and quite a few new customers that said they were sent by friends to get good eggs!

There has been no progress on my fairy house due to the cold, I had wanted it to be ready to come in the house and be worked on by now but I still have quite a bit of sanding to do, Maybe if we get some warmer weather I will start a fire in the workshop and get the rest of the sanding done.

The cows have not been able to go out much in that extreme cold and they were sure glad to get out yesterday and today, I ended up leaving Juniper in because she has a calf trailing and I didn't want the calf to get stuck in a big drift. I don't know why but I still don't have a name, there were a lot of suggestions but many of them were names I have already used and I don't like to reuse a name. It will come when it is time!

Just a few pictures
Calliope on the night I came home!

Cricket making up to Dundee, he doesn't usually go down in the stable, but it was so cold both him and Tiger were down there for a couple of weeks.

Here is the chunky little girl, she sure is a sturdy calf, growing good, much more broad and long then she is tall!

Getting ready to plow after the big storm, starting the tractor after having to dig through a big drift in front of the barn

the drift in front of the barn, it was deeper in front of the porch and up by the road was over 6', I had a very hard time breaking through even with a tractor and a bucket

I had some more pictures but Photo sync sometimes has a hard time finding my computer, if I shut it down and restart it works fine, but who wants to do that in the middle of a blog!

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