Back after a 4 years absence!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I can't believe i've stop coming here for so long.... Sparkpeople did so much for me in the past. Why did i stop?
Well, hello people! Steffy here! Coming back after 4 years. Let me just make a quick update of my story.
I joined sparkpeople back in 2011 after realizing that i was slowly going toward the 400 pounds if i didn't change some stuff in my life.
In december 2010 i was 367 pounds... my heaviest

i just came back from adopting my beautiful baby girl in Vietnam and i was just enjoying her presence without thinking about me. I was happy.
You see, i'm an emotional eater. I'm sad, i eat. I'm angry, i eat. I'm happy, i eat. You get the picture!
I haven't always been that big... In my early 20's i was still about 170 pounds. Curvy yes, but i felt okay with it. Then... life happen... job, first appartment, a few heartbreak...(men......pfffff)
. And the pounds add up!
I've tried many diet to loose weight: Protein diet, shake, pill, Weight watchers.... etc.... Nothing worked for me. Until i discover Sparkpeople.
I joined came blog, tracked my food and started slowly to do exercice again... 10 mins everyday at first... and added minutes slowly. I change some off my eating habits without cutting stuffs that i love. (I stil ate chips and stuff but not on a daily basis. The support from people here was great too... members commenting on my blog, encouraging me, rooting for me was such an amazing help.
And you know what... after almost one year, i lost almost 70 pounds!

After that, i thought i was invisible... i slowly stop coming here.
And you know what?
I haven't lost a pound since....
For the past 6 years i've been doing yoyo... gaining and losing the same 10 pounds.... but never loosing more.
And last december... i went on my scale, and saw: 321!!! i've been aabout 302-305 for the past 4 years.... what is going on????
Well... i thought...okay, i have to do something. What DID work in the past?
So i'm back.... i'm gonna need your help again cuz i haven't been in the game for a while now but i definitively need to get back on track and push the machine further to be able to finally reach my goal to be back to under the 200 again.
So that's me today.....ready to come back!

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