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Blog 9 - A 'Good' Bad Choice

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Good morning spark friends!

Last night I was wiped after my workout and decided that checking in once I hit my desk in the morning might work better for me! I really push my workouts so that I am making the most out of my exercise minutes. I wish I could work out for multiple hours a day like some of you do but finding time for more than one hour just isn't going to happen for me each day!

Last night I did my typical 20 minutes on the elliptical. I have only been back to the gym for about 3 weeks but I am already noticing it is getting much harder to get my heart rate up over 140 into the aerobic zone. I had to increase the incline a bit and make sure I was jogging or running most of the time. I have noticed if I really push hard in the first 5 minutes it gets my heart rate going for the rest of the time too. I also did my 20 minutes of hills on the bike. I think I need to start doing a higher level for that too. When I'm at the hill parts it's hard enough but half of the work out just seems really easy. Lastly, I picked 4 random arm machines to try. There are so many machines at the gym, I enjoy trying new ones!

My food during the workday is usually really on point because I track it and pack it the night before...not much room for error. Last night my kids were very tired from their first day back to school. There was so much to do and everyone was a little bit grumpy. I decided to make Janes Chicken Fries and hash-browns (their favourite...and my husbands).

As they were cooking I tried to decide if I should have some or make myself something separate. In the end, I realised that I can't always deprive myself. That's just another recipe for failure. I looked up the calories/fat and looked at the food I had tracked for the day. I ended up deciding to have just a few, cut up on a whole wheat wrap with lots of veggies and my favourite sweet chilly heat sauce. Man was it good! It was a total treat and actually kept me in my calorie range, although higher than I usually go. It might have been a "bad" food choice, but overall I think it was actually a good choice for my long term success!

Well, guess I should get back to work...since I am at work :) Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! I am looking forward to going for a swim with my dad at lunch since I can't get out tonight to the gym. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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