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A New Year, A New Page, A New Opportunity

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


This blog was written by: Mary Rau-Foster
This blog can be found here: www.workplaceissues.com/

There is something energizing and renewing about opening a brand new calendar with our hands and opening of our minds with the knowledge that we can start anew. I have lived long enough to know that each day we have the opportunity to recreate our lives and ourselves. We have the ability to say, "That was yesterday and this is today." What is done is done we cannot undo, but we can change what we do today and tomorrow.

Recently I was driving down the road and I looked in my rearview mirror. The terrain, the people and the cars in my mirror were those that I had passed or were behind me. I had a brief encounter with a powerful thought. How many times have I turned to view where I had been and not where I am going? I would find myself returning to my past and lazing in it as I enjoyed the memories of the pleasant times. I would also find myself re-visiting my mistakes in the land of "should and should not have", which was wasting precious "now" time.

Here are some thoughts about the New Year and new calendar…

emoticon Each day is a fresh, blank page in our calendar of life.
emoticonUpon those pages, I write my destiny and I create my happiness and satisfaction.
emoticonI must take care not to enter the same old mistakes, or to engage in old and negative thought patterns.
emoticonI will use each day that I am given, with the knowledge that I am not guaranteed but I am gifted a certain number of days.
emoticonI will be cautious what I write, with my thoughts, upon my blank pages, knowing that my thoughts are powerful creators and they may bring me what I don’t want.
emoticonI will use my old calendars only as a guide to what worked and what did not work, and not as a prediction of what to expect for this year.
emoticonI will look at each blank page as a new and fresh day-an opportunity to start over, knowing that it is never too late, I am never too old, and I have all that I need to create a happy and fulfilling day, week, year, and life.

"Yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is the only cash you have. Spend it wisely." (author unknown)

Affirmation for the Week:
"I begin my life anew, once again."

Have a renewal week!
What are your thoughts? My mind has been whirling since the loss of my sister. I'm sad, overwhelmed and I'm letting myself go as a result. I do see this year as a way to take better care of myself, my health and my life in general. I do not want to end up like Connie who gave up. There are too many people I'm not ready to leave behind. I hope and pray you have a blessed day and give thought to staring anew.

Just for kicks ~

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