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Don't Let Your Commitments Grow Cold

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Monday, January 08, 2018

Ok ... Wasn't this the BEST week of the WHOLE year? ... LOL ... (little joke there)
Kidding aside, why is it with the new year we start out excited, energetic, enthused,
and optimistic! The way it should be with a fresh start. But what happens for many
one-two weeks later?

If only the new year came in springtime when the sun is shining and flowers are in bloom! and we have the great outdoors for our fitness playground... emoticon :: In our dreams, right?

Nope, the new year does not come in springtime or perhaps the most ideal weather conditions but rather cold days, freezing temperatures and snow for many, making it difficult for those who love to get outdoors. But, when we are presented with a challenge, we can keep our minds open and stay creative to find more options.

You know things will settle to the 'bottom' if you toss stuff if left unattended, but the ingredients to success are still inside us! ... That's why if feeling lukewarm, we need to STIR ourselves up!

Why wait until spring to find adventure when things are 'just right'?

Did you know our minds are naturally curious and like discovering new things.
Doing the 'same thing' day in and day out can and never changing routine which can
lead to a rut or lack of mental stimulation.

So things don't get to be old, dismal and gray like the weather:

Let's keep the fires on the inside of us burning hot and continue to have a great year for
good health and happiness! .... Thank you for stopping by today!
P.S. Some said, "I don't do NY Resolutions." ... Me either .... what i do instead at any time of the year is to make small goals ... commit to them and make a plan of action. ...
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