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A Lot Going On

Friday, January 05, 2018

We found an apartment and will start moving in tomorrow. Time to get busy and get my stuff together. It's hard knowing what I have where; a self-storage here and one in Michigan have to be gone through. What to keep and what to toss? I believe I will feel better when I can get it done.

It will be so strange not to be living with my granddaughter, Helena. There were only a couple months of her life that I haven't done that and she doesn't remember that. We already talked a lot. There is a bedroom for her and we plan to have her with us at least one night a week.

There's a lot going on in the apartment complex. A soccer field, a salt-water pool, disc golf, tennis, an outdoor fire pit, lots of grills, a play ground, a dog park and a fitness center with a trainer are part of the amenities included. There's lots of planned activities for the residents to meet each other. I am really looking forward to having a trainer. I never had one before.

We put the deposit down for my dog Sadie to be with us. A couple days ago, she started not feeling well. She can't keep anything down. Originally, she was supposed to go into the vet this morning to have a tumor removed at the top of her leg. It's making it difficult for her to get around. She's almost 13 and we are hesitant to put her through an operation. It's been so difficult the last few days that I can't help but expect the worst.

I get so upset when my animals get sick. I wish they could tell us where they hurt, etc. I tend to go into a depression when I have to let go. I do better believing all animals go to heaven. Her brother, Rocky, left us a couple years ago. I believe he will be right there waiting for her and be so excited. He always did tend to want to boss her around. To her credit, Sadie always held her own with other animals. I will miss her so much. It's good that I will have to stay busy moving.

I got lucky in the fact that the farthest building had an available apartment. It looks over a wooded hill. Time to spend in nature and regroup. I will need it and am looking forward to it.

PS - Sadie's back from the vet. She got a shot and some meds. We are making her comfortable and have a little more time with her.
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