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Friday, January 05, 2018

a long day. with the layover in honolulu, it takes about as long to travel to molokai as to sweden - or at least it feels that way. but all went well, and claire seems to have survived it like a trooper. she was not crazy about returning to her crate each time she had to get out for TSA to inspect it, or when she was in the dog park at the honolulu airport, but didn't put up a fuss. and with the time it took to go through the agriculture office procedure to get her released, then over to the dog park, then back to the terminal and checked in, then some time spent answering client questions from the last project i translated, sitting in a quiet corner of the terminal, then on to the little plane over to molokai (and seeing claire waiting in the hold of the plane while we boarded), and then loading up the eight pieces we traveled with into our little suzuki (where it fit much more easily than in our larger subaru at home in WA) that our friends parked at the airport for us - and claire riding shotgun on my lap in the front seat, no way was she going back into that crate - and we were home by sunset. not soon enough to take out the camera, but enough food in the fridge and the pantry to enjoy without needing to go shopping.

the travel plan for food - we had breakfast in a lounge that we get to wait in because of a new credit card, where i could make good choices - english muffin with peanut butter, oatmeal, fruit. we skipped the airplane meal, and i had sandwiches from whole foods (oh yeah - the TSA had to inspect the food in my carry on - i had to open a sandwich! and even the TSA guy joked about my "dangerous" baby carrots!). we snacked on some almonds and pecans while waiting between planes. and when we came home, ok, i weakened - i let DH make me one cheese and swedish crisp bread "sandwich", but then i went in and made my own sandwich with vegan deli slices that i had brought along (one of our luggage pieces was a cooler filled with cheese for DH and some tempeh, field roast sausages, and vegan deli slices for me, things we can't get here). so a little weakness (laziness), but "not my food" jumped right back in.

weight this morning the lowest it has been since we were here last spring. i'll take it.

steps - just running around the house doing last minute packing, plus airplane walking, plus a final evening walk with claire - brought the talley to 16,000. not bad for a travel day!

one photo of DH and claire chilling out in the dog park at the airport in honolulu:

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