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morning cuppa spark - small commitments

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

this morning read spark guy's blog about the million small commitments - and tried to think of what to write, what small commitment i could make.

i finally came up with continuing to try to achieve my 15,000 steps per day as an average each week - total of 105,000 per week, even if i fall short some days. because that takes an effort, some focus.

but then i thought about the small commitments that are, like he says, like brushing your teeth

- i log onto spark and spin the wheel - today i hit 975 days!

- i take the wellness quiz - most months i only miss one, max two questions; many months i am among the last to have a perfect score (yes, i do my research if i am not sure of the answers - but that is how i learn!)

- i exercise. daily walking, and a video most days, strength and/or cardio

- i plan my meals each morning - or i plan my strategy if we are traveling

- i follow my rules - no snacking at all between breakfast and lunch, snacking between lunch and dinner only if i am unable to work for lack of concentration

- blogging - i think that rather than a blogstreak, as in the past, i will go for 5 of 7 days per week, so that days when i am exhausted, or really have nothing to say, can pass

- sparking others - will try to read and comment on three blogs daily

i see a pattern here - i "allow" myself to get a question or two wrong on the quiz each month; i "allow" myself to fall short of the 15k each day; i "allow" myself to skip a day or so of the blog if there is nothing much to say - or if i am exhausted.

the only thing i don't "allow" is missing daily login - that is one streak i don't want to break. a small commitment - heading for 1000 days, later this month - to myself, to live a healthy life, and keep this commitment front and center.

as for yesterday - we finally started the first leg of our journey to molokai, locking the door on winter behind us just before noon. and by then, in the five hours since i had woken up - and was shortly thereafter jolted by a screaming alarm from the utility room, indicating that the sump pump for the sewage system had a problem! - i had managed to walk the 15,000 steps by noon, with 28 flights of stairs!

as for the sump pump and sewage system, luckily the plumber was stopping by for last minute instructions before we leave (we are replacing some things), and could explain what the problem was - we didn't have a clue as to what the darn thing was! and thought it could be any emergency at all to prevent us from leaving.

but we made it out the door, and crossed the mountains in one of our easiest mountain crossings. lunch was a mix of "clean out the fridge" to tide us over until dinner, which was a farewell meal for our DD and DSIL with their families and best friends - today is the day they move to stockholm, her dream for many years now. we will spend the first half of today with them, taking her and half their luggage to the airport, while his mom takes him and the rest of the luggage.

the beck strategy will be to make good choices - no snacking; not sure which restaurant we will go to this evening, but general plans and i know what i will order at either one. exercise will be walking - errands usually brings us to 15k in the city, but not sure about today. we'll see...

small commitments. a way of life.
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