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Do you really taste your food?

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

For a long time, I looked for someone to tell me what I was supposed to eat.
I ate it, whether I liked it not, because I was going to lose weight come
hell or high water.

So if I had to hold my nose and down the food. That was it. I'm on it.
I don't need to go into the countless foolish things we've all done to lose weight.
Oh stand on my left foot, hop in a circle and drink hot water with lemon for three weeks.
Got it .

Of course it didn't work. These days I find. If I can find foods that I really enjoy.
That actually taste good. I'm more than likely to follow my program.
I know that sounds super simple. Sometimes the light just goes on.

For me this was a great breakfast.
I had a small avocado, with two hard boiled eggs.
I drizzled alittle Olive Oil and some S&P to taste.
For me, it's really filling, carries me all the way through
to lunch time.

The point is I'm eating something that I really enjoy,
I took some time to have a cup of coffee and my breakfast.
The way it is meant to be, and not driving the down road,
and trying to eat before I get to the office, gulping down food
I wasn't quite sure what it was but was able to say I had breakfast
and I tracked it. This morning I actually enjoyed it.

So whatever you choose for your meal. Are you enjoying it?
Were trying to create a way of life, a foundation, choices.

Also, my other go to item was this little salad dressing cup.
Like the ones you get in the restaurant when you take stuff home.
Had no clue my local grocery store carried them.
This was great to carry my Olive Oil and a separate one for

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