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My Plan for 2018

Monday, January 01, 2018

My Plan for 2018 is a work in progress. It involves the usual -eat better, exercise more and declutter. I know it sounds familiar , but I said it was a work in progress and I do feel I have made progress over the last year. I didn't put lose weight in there because if I do the first 2 it will happen. Obviously though I do want to lose weight.
So my plan:

1. 5 fruits and veggies a day--I love them so realistically shouldn't be hard. Need to make sure they are easily accessible. Buy, clean and put on shelf at eye level.
2. Healthy fluids--love my water and herbal tea. Remember to take water bottle to work!!
3. Snacking/sweets-- Some is okay. It doesn't really help my stress. Don't buy. Be mindful
4. Fiber--I usually do well at breakfast--My cereal or oatmeal usually good source. I already eat grain bread when I eat bread. My more fruits and veggies will help
5. Portion size--I do pay attention to this. Not always follow but 2017 I was much better at it. Will use measuring cups more.

6. 10,000 steps a day 5/7 days. If I have 5000 steps before I leave work I can do this. Need to move more at work. Not easy to do this time of year. Gets pretty busy in the winter. If I can get at least 1000 before I leave for work this would help. I will park at other end of lot.
7. Strength--I always say will do but haven't. So I asked for weights for Christmas. Received them and a resistance band. Will aim for 3 10 min sessions a week.
8. Yoga--I have done well in past but not 2017

9. Declutter-This I have made a lot of progress but it was mainly in the first 2 months of last year. So I need to continue working on my target areas. My bedroom is first on the list. Everyone's dumping ground including mine.
10. Paperwork--a big part of my clutter. I need to use my file cabinet system to keep organized. Something I did well before kids. I will bring cabinet down from 3rd floor to closet on first floor. I will get rid of junk mail everyday rather than pile to go through later. File important papers immediately--if in closet I can do. I have gone mail free on many things to avoid clutter. I have paper shredder in kitchen which helps a lot.

11. Me time--I won't count the TV/computer. I will do more-Read, crochet, cross stitch--I did read a lot this year but never started back on the others. Learn to knit. These activities are mentally therapeutic for me so therefore need to be restarted. I did buy an embroidery project while in Germany last year but I think it is somewhere in the clutter of my bedroom.

12. Weight--okay I will include because I do need a goal. I think 165 lb will be it. I had 170 but 165 probably healthier. So I have been doing well over the last 3 years heading that way but have slowed way down and bounced a few times. If I follow the above I know I can do it. I don't have to hit by end of year but I do want to be at least half way there. So I guess that would be about 178 lbs.

13. Stay active on Sparkpeople. It helps. It really does!!!
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