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Saturday, December 23, 2017

the blogstreak is over. not sure how long it was, because i have been counting by the months, but it was long. why? life, i suppose. and feeling that i didn't have much useful to say or share. life has mostly been keeping on keeping on. a lot of work in the final push before the holidays. not much time for exercise - i have skipped the video now for a few nights, and we haven't been able to take much in the way of morning walks either. though i still have managed to keep the step count over the "minimum" of 10,000, i've fallen short of the 15k - probably would have made it if i had done the videos, or gone out one more time, but there are only so many hours in the day. and sleep has been an issue too.

at any rate, i still received a streak award for 300 weeks of exercise. good thing something are recorded automatically (including the fitbit steps!). and i have still logged in daily, and done the wellness quiz.

no tracking, though. i guess you could say i have been "eating intuitively" - i know what works. and my body and weight seem to be responding well. scale is happy, still creeping ever so slightly downward. current weight is fine; wouldn't complain about losing one more lb, but the number 5 is an elusive one. oh well.

still planning what we eat each day by the end of morning coffee. DH had to jump in with a "creation" one dinner while i pushed a late deadly lion out the door, but he did a marvelous job learning the instant pot - never fails to amaze me how delicious everything is that comes out of the instant pot, and how you can just leave it to do its thing for such a short time.

house is filling up - DS1 and granddaughter arrived on friday. not sure if our other guests will get here or not; delayed flights have gotten in the way of their plans. we'll see.

i actually have a plan for the main meals for the next three days. i actually looked at the recipes to see what we needed. and bought the missing ingredients. will i find out that something is missing? probably. but we're well stocked...

as for beck.
i still eat sitting down. slowly. mindfully.
i still get a minimum of daily exercise. you have to when the border collie says so!
hunger is NOT an emergency. no prob.
no choice - not my food.

so much is on autopilot now. just trekking along...

wishing all peace and the merriest of holidays...
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