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Thursday, December 21, 2017

I had to really get down and serious about Christmas shopping so last night I finished doing the online shopping and had them directly shipped to my brothers house. I may stop at LLBeans on the way because my brother wanted fleece socks and they are out in the catalog but still have a lot at the Freeport store. Then today I went to Houlton and got grain and shavings and did the small things so I officially declare Christmas shopping done except picking up a fruit basket for my parents, they love fruit.

Today started right in working hard, I did chores, put the big cows out, then shoveled out the barn while Cricket run around begging for attention. I lost the wheelbarrow over the edge of the manure pile the second time I dumped it. Standing on top looking down was a disheartening sight. I oped to go around and drag the wheelbarrow through the snow instead of sliding down myself! The picture was from the bottom of the pile looking up!

After shoveling out was done I cleaned up and took off to Houlton and hit the grain mill, Tractor supply and Walmart. I politely asked the guy in Tractor supply to load the grain since I had 8 bags plus 10 shavings, they are so poorly staffed up there, only two people in the whole store in the middle of the afternoon! At Walmart I was just looking for a few small things, I always stick some candy in the girls presents, and Michael's too, and get Russel Stover candy for my Dad. Not to forget the cat food! There were a ton of people in there, I am still getting used to shopping in Walmart when there are other people present, I always used to stop at 7 am on my way home and the store would be empty, only 2-3 other people.

I drove home and unloaded the stuff in the front of the truck and left the grain for another day then back into barn chore clothing and down into the barn. Last night Dogwood was sitting like a dog, that is a very weird position for a cow considering they always get up butt first. I thought she might have hurt her leg, or got stuck and couldn't get up, but she just looked at me when I slapped her on the but and told her to get up and went back to eating her hay. She is a very big cow, probably goes close to 3000 lbs, I thought about it for a while and realized she would not be eating like that if she was hurt somewhere, besides there wasn't much I was going to do to lift a 3000 lb cow and she didn't seem unhappy. This is a kind of weird picture of her sitting there, her eyes are points of light!

So I decided to pick up her mat and check the underpinning to see why it was low in the front. That sounds so easy, but there is nothing easy about moving those rubber mats for stalls, they are heavy and do not want to move at all. I finally got the front part moved and saw that some of the boards under there to support a heave and dip in the cement were about rotted so I fixed that and put the mat back, so hopefully she will be more comfortable laying down now, not to say she doesn't look comfortable sitting.

After fooling with the mat for way too long I did chores and the big problem was Dogwood tonight, she came in and decided that she would like the grain in the yearling pen, she is so big that her butt was sticking out into the aisle, the yearlings noted there pen was full and continued down to Dogwoods stall and ate her grain, tit for tat I guess. The bad part was when Dogwood decided to go to her pen regardless of the presence of two fair sized yearlings, not a good fit, they got out quickly and back to their pen to settle down and eat hay!
When everyone was happily eating and Apache, and Jake had their purple carrots I went back to the house and got ready to go bred a couple of cows. Kind of a late appointment, it was past 8, but he had to take his big truck up to Ashland and just got back. It was 9:30 before I got back home. Long Day!

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