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A Story about a cat, a collar, and a hiding place

Friday, December 15, 2017

The cat in this tale is Rocky who recently outgrew his kitten collar. He has worn the collar since he came home. It did take a few days to get used to the collar but he did. When he outgrew the kitten collar, I bought him a new one. He managed to remove it several times, the last time we couldn't find it. I managed to find one that I had put away. Yeah that one lasted about 30 minutes and it couldn't be found. I started searching the room he likes to spend time in, which is where the bunk beds are. I pulled out the bottom bunk - nothing. I checked the bottom drawer because it was open a little. For some reason I looked behind the drawer and there in the back, inside the stair case were both collars. Roy and I went out and got the same collar as his kitten one, put it on Rocky, CLOSED the drawer and left him. Not long after, Roy comes to tell me the collar is missing. The drawer is open! And Rocky, minus collar, is hiding under the stairs, I got him to wiggle out with food, Roy was able to pick the stairs up enough for me to snag two of the collars. Rocky had opened the drawer and left his third collar behind! We now have put books and tiles in the bottom two drawers to stop him from using that hiding place. He is too smart for his own good. New collar was put back on.
Rocky spent the last 24 hours hiding under the twin bed in that room. We see evidence that he tried to open the drawer. I removed the collar for the time being. We are concerned that he may have bruised himself getting in and out of that tight place. There are only a few inches of clearance that he was using. We will try again with the collar in about a week. We use the bell on the collar to know when the cats are around.
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