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Dec 15: Staying Between the Lines

Friday, December 15, 2017

I have been in Omaha 6 weeks, and have to be thankful that I have not gained weight, but I haven't been mindful nor particularly diligent in staying on my food plan.

So although I am not tweaking my food plan, I realize for the sake of my sanity I must make this my priority come what may.

The cost of not staying between the lines is the increase in my blood sugars. The high reading of 157 from a norm of around 112 was a real wake up call this week.

I can't eat like the rest of the family does, so I will be cooking separately. As much as I hate making two different meals, the reality is that the kids are picky eaters and there in no point cooking what they are going to leave on their plate.

I am dealing with some emotional issues at the moment, While I miss my old routines and my life in Tucson, I am enjoying being around the family. I realize that I need to fill myself because the last few days I have been rather grumpy. That isn't what I want to be. I put myself in time out Thursday night after I reacted badly to the 10 years old temper tantrum. Lesson learned for both of us.

Even Ringo has had his moments. He loves the kids and all the attention, but gets rather grumpy when the big black lab or the cats invade his bedroom space. Our sanctuary is my bedroom and it seems to be the family gathering space also! Actually it is kind of nice when they congregate, unless I just want to un-people for a bit. So for now, if the door is closed, everyone knows to leave us alone. If the door is open, then come share your concerns and day.

PT is going well. I have less pain and am becoming better at walking up and down the stairs. One step at a time, in everything.

So everyone have a great weekend. Keep working your plan, and keep Sparkling!

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    Sunny, I hope that they at least watch what you eat and find the courage to try some new things. Picky eaters are trained to be picky. When parents cater to every "I don't like that" then the kids never learn to appreciate the myriad flavors that are available to them. My parents made me eat everything they prepared, even if it was just a tiny spoonful. I HATED peas as a kid, but now they are one of my favorite vegetables (although eaten rarely because of their starchiness). There are very few foods I don't care for, but even those I'll eat if part of a meal someone prepared for me.
    1214 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Sunny I think you are very level headed and even if you think you've made a mistake you can rest assured that you will ultimately do the right thing. Of course you're going to make mistakes on occasion and so will they, it's what happens after that that can make the biggest difference. I admire your fixes for things that vex you and Ringo. Growing pains are that, a little bit painful, but the point is everyone is growing and learning from each other, and I think you will have enduring family ties. On the food front, I can relate to that, sometimes you just really do need a separate menu. With time you just may very well find things that everyone likes or learns to like that will jive with you. You're doing fabulously well and are a true Godsend for your daughter and her family. emoticon
    1214 days ago
    I love that you keep a sense of humor no matter what. Your posts are wonderful. Glad PT is helping. Sounds like you and Ringo need to find the right amount of "me" or "us" time to keep your sanity. Can you get a "do not disturb" sign for the door and gently explain why. You would teaching them all an important lesson about self-care.
    1215 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12068097
    Sounds like your slowly figuring it all out. I am sure you will be fine, just give it time.
    1215 days ago
    christmas is a hard time of the year for many it is easy to get melancholy or grumpy . add new place all those kids no wonder take a big breathe you are doing great . Hugs
    1215 days ago
  • LSIG14
    I think you are adapting to all the changes very well. I'm sure it is not easy but as long as you remember that you need to take care of you first, the rest will get even better. Wishing you all the happiest holidays ever!
    1215 days ago
    Sunny, As long as you set your boundaries, you will be fine!
    1215 days ago
    Developing a comfortable routine takes so much time! Glad you have the routine of the closed door to signal you need alone time!
    1215 days ago
    My DH is finally being mindful of his diabetes... thank goodness! It is a little inconvenient to make 2 different meals; but I'm willing to do it if he is willing to commit. So far so good... best reading to date was 99. He had walked a 5k that morning so it obviously made a big difference as he had been averaging 115-130. Sounds like your routine is starting to get a bit more settled... hooray!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1215 days ago
    It might not all be from what you are eating, you know added stress can also cause rises. I think you need to set some rules, so you and Ringo have the needed TIME OFF. It sound like you have bitten off a lot, and what is going to happen if you get sick, is there a plan B. Maybe you need a scheduled day-off, even full-time Nanny's have time off.
    1215 days ago
    You have gone from just you and Ringo, to a whole house full of other people and personalities and that is quite an adjustment. Your idea about the door is a great one. There would be times at my age, where a nap would be nice. I know you all love each other, but a body needs "me" time.
    1215 days ago
    Great ideas!!!

    It sounds like you are settling into your new life well!
    1215 days ago
    That is a great idea to cook a separate meal for yourself. You have to take care of yourself first so you can take care of others.
    1215 days ago
    I found and couldn't figure out a way to share directly..
    but if you care to go to my blog 2017-12-15 and its amendment blog ...
    probably not anything you really need to read/hear...
    but offered in the spirit of friendship and trying to be helpful.
    Can we ever have too many tools for dealing with life?
    1215 days ago

    When on a bumpy patch of life...
    remember you have hit bumps before... and survived !!

    If everything always went smoothly...
    where would our opportunities to learn and grow come from?

    I saw a quote (?) poster (?) on facebook yesterday... I will try to find it and share..

    1215 days ago
    Not surprising that there are ups and downs. I'm sure the fluctuating sugar levels affect mood also, then all the new life adjustments AND pain on top of that. You are dealing with a lot; don't beat yourself up....after all that is what you would tell anyone else, right?

    Merry Christmas to a brave Grandma and Mom for taking all this on....and Merry Christmas to a brave family for taking on Grandma too! LOL!
    1215 days ago
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