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Thursday, December 14, 2017

1. I think 10 more lbs and I'll be in the next size of jeans down.
2. Being able to JOG up the hills on the campus where I work.
3. Better runs due to the cardio work I'm doing using my Peloton (indoor cycling) app.
4. Fitting in clothes I haven't worn since summer 2013.
5. Increased overall lower body flexibility (also due to the cardio work/stretching I'm doing using my Peloton app).
6. Being able to touch my foot to my butt when I perform a standing quad stretch. AS A SIDE NOTE: NEVER, even at my lowest weight over the last 20 yrs (summer 2013) have I been able to do this. EVAH. And I can do it with both legs. THAT is truly saying something.
7. Having to remove my signature ring before bed so I won't lose it in my sleep.
8. Slowly but surely inching my way toward a medium t-shirt.
9. A much thinner face and flatter stomach.
10. Amazing sleep--like crazy good!

I want to also add that this has occurred after having ditched my scale a little over 3 months ago. I have not been counting calories or even logging my food regularly. What I HAVE been doing is working out regularly, watching my portions and making better choices in general, all while still enjoying the holiday season and not restricting myself. I am a huge beer connoisseur sooo...take it how you will.

My point is this--one can hit goals without driving ones self crazy or making ones self miserable. #stillnothomicidal

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