thursday--sleepless in walkerton

Thursday, December 14, 2017

hi all--hope everybody is well. we are having some sleepless nights around here. dorijane started on thyroid medication, and it can have some profound effects. her main one has been that she awakens about midnight-2 am and is AWAKE. wants her breakfast. paces, whines and barks. poor rob has to get some sleep so he can get to work, so I have been taking her in the living room and keeping her with me until she conks out again (usually about 4 and then it's time to get up around 5. I talked to the vet and he suggested that she is hungry now--and in truth she has been dropping weight. so we have upped her food and she gets a night time snack and It seems to be helping. in fact I think we would have made it through the night last night if ralphie had not decided it was his turn to get sick. he awoke about 1 and was clearly nauseated. we were frantic because there was NOTHING that we could think of that was causing this. on the third barf event, after about an hour he brought up a HAIR BALL. now he is a dog, not a cat. I suspect in his excitement at the groomer he ate a bunch of hair (which he does sometimes) and it balled up in his tummy. the minute he expelled it, he was right as rain. wanted to play (yes--it was 2 am at the time). and in all the excitement dorijane awoke and figured it was breakfast time. so we all headed into the living room, rob laid in his recliner and I bundled up on the couch. gave ralphie a tiny sliver of benedryl just to help him quiet down, and in about an hour all was quiet and rob slipped into the bedroom. I finished the night on the couch.
yesterday I had brunch with my dear friend who just lost her dog. it was great to see her before they head for florida. she cut my hair and we had a great visit, as always.
something very special about her--each time we part, she hugs me and says "I love you". and I know she means it. it took me about a year to reciprocate this--it is something that was never done or said in my home, and it felt very strange to me. but I understand now that these words and actions are tremendously important--and that this is something that I should have experienced growing up. now I reciprocate the action--I have always meant it--but now I can show that I do. and it's very interesting--many of my friends grew up in households where the words " l love you" or "I am proud of you" were never said. but we are learning to say them now, and understanding that we missed something important. most of these gals have grandkids of their own now--and they are determined to right that wrong. and by extension, we include one another in this reconciliation. it's powerful. I feel so blessed by my friends, not only because they are such good friends to me--but they show me how to be a better person.
in other news--the pottery evening at the kitchen store approaches and I am trying desperately to get more work done. made about a dozen spoon rests that I am working on carving. lots of glazing to do too.
have a wonderful day! here's ralphie back from the groomer.
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    What a calamity with the dogs!! Could Ralphie developed a hair ball from his own self grooming? He IS a long haired dog...there's a product made for cats to help them expel (throw up) hairball. We give it to each of our cats, and it really helps them. I hope Dorijane adjusts to her new meds. It's never fun to be up at 2 or 4 am!! Oh, and you've added spoon rests to your repertoire!! Pictures! Pictures! Lol
    670 days ago
    I hope things look up for you all so you can rest. Hugs for everyone there.
    671 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Poor Ralphie. Glad he's OK now, and he certainly looks proud of himself after his grooming. I can relate with the mum's the word kind of upbringing, as I experienced this myself. It really is an ackward feeling at first. Kudos to you for recognizing it as an easily adjusted self limitation. emoticon
    673 days ago
    Your dogs are so very special. Hope Dorijane starts to adjust and sleeps so you can get some rest too. I have noticed more and more as I get older that I really do need those good sleeps when I can get them :)
    674 days ago
    Glad you have a solution for him. emoticon
    674 days ago
  • JANET552
    Ralphie is so handsome. I'm glad you found the cause of his nausea and that it didn't last longer. I hope Dorijane's new regimen solves that night time wakening. Seems like it will.

    I, too, am from a family that avoided hugs and love yous. It is a challenge for me to put those actions into my life.
    674 days ago
    I hope things get calmer with the fur babies. Have a wonderful day!
    674 days ago
    The things we do for our fur babies! So cute!
    674 days ago
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