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Cocktail Avocados???

Monday, December 11, 2017

Yes, there is such a thing! News to me and I bet a lot of other avocado lovers.

I recently read in an article about Marks & Spencer stores in Britain selling 'cocktail avocados'. Something new to me and apparently they're only available in December and not over here in North America.

- Cocktail avocados are smaller and more elongated than their traditional cousins - like a baby cucumber - at only 2" to 3" in length.
- Their skin is different than their cousins' - It's much smoother, softer and is edible.
- The biggest difference though is that they don't have any pits!!!

- Grown in Spain, cocktail avocados are the the fruit of an unpollinated avocado blossom that develops without a seed.
- They're popular for eating fresh, but they must be fully ripe to be enjoyed. -
- The convenient, individual portion-size make them perfect for raw snacks or as an addition to a veggie platter.
-They can be battered whole and deep fried and served with a variety of dipping sauces.
- Slice and fan out for a garnish on salads, sandwich plates and entrees, or halve and fill with crab salad, fruit relish or salsa for a quick, delicious appetizer.
- Their smooth, buttery texture and taste makes them great for spreading on bread or toast instead of butter, or using in place of mayonnaise when making a sandwich.
- Store ripe cocktail avocados in the refrigerator or ripen green fruits in a brown paper bag and keep at room temperature.

See: www.today.com/fo

I'm intrigued and can only hope that their growing popularity eventually brings them our way!

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