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My New Lifestyle Doesn't Include Sugary Treats, Time to Make Adult Decisions

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Yesterday at a baby shower I didn't eat any cheesecake or other sugary desserts after our meal. My friend did, and later she told me she wished she hadn't because she felt, "Ugh!"

I really wanted a slice of cheesecake but realized at that point, the way I felt, was great having not caved for cheesecake, compared to "groggy" and "ill", the way she felt.

She was heading to exercise class after the shower. I was meeting another friend for flower arranging class. I'm glad I get up before work to exercise. Thursday morning I let myself sleep in so had to exercise Thursday night. I got 62 minutes in but it is easier exercising in the morning.

The temporary feel-good feeling I get while eating sugary desserts and snacks isn't worth it to me anymore. I not only skipped the cheesecake at the shower, I also did not eat cookies at the flower arranging class and there was one type I really wanted to try.

21 months no refined sugar treats. Actually it's 99.9% no refined sugar treats. (Compared to how much I normally used to eat.) Last Christmas I allowed myself one or two of my brother's Christmas specialties but didn't gorge as I have done in the past. Last weekend I allowed myself a couple bites of tiramisu, a dessert I shared with 5 other people.

I tried to find a place to take a photo with good lighting. My table wreath actually looks better in person! 😁 The hydrangeas (white snowball flowers) don't last long so they can be removed or replaced.

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