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True Confessions!

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Ahh my fellow Sparkies, I'm here to serve my penance. Actually it's not all bad news by any means but I'm confessing that I've been allowing some slippage to sneak back into my diet. It must be dealt with right now, and I always seem to do better when I get my focus on. Not that I don't allow any slippage but you always know, if you're honest, when a slip starts morphing into an ongoing allowance or (shudder) a bad habit.

I also wanted to share progress with my calendar that I started. Honestly it was my intention to blog about it monthly but I just haven't gotten around to it. Allow me to proclaim that my calendar is to me a great success and one that I really find motivating (hey it's making me write this blog isn't it?). I love my calendar! It shows me at a glance how the day went, how the week went, how the whole friggen' month went. And Knowledge my friends is a very powerful thing.

It also has made keeping a food diary a must for me. There just isn't enough room on the calendar. A diary that is very pared down compared to what sites use to track calories. Sorry but I just can't get into counting calories, I never have, it's so boring and time consuming. What I've been doing is mentally reviewing what I did for the day and used that info to steer me going forward. But the more days involved the easier it would be to be pulled off track. So upgrade! My calendar that tracks all the things I do right, not wrong (huge difference there). I can now look back at the month and have some real ammo in knowledge bullets to use, not just a generalized opinion of how things went.

My food diary states how much I weigh at the start and end of each day. (Critical if you're trying to determine how your diet affects you if you're prone to food allergies like I am.) I also note if I exercise above and beyond normal daily activities. Also if I drank my daily recommended allotment of good ole plain water. The rest of the daily note records what foods I ate that day. If I make a smoothie, I write down all the ingredients for instance, including the spices I used. Hey if I liked the spices I can repeat it not to mention the health benefits involved deserve a high five (turmeric for example, anyone?) I don't write down quantities unless I feel I went excessive and then I note that.

So the diary is the nitty gritty low down of the days happenings. My calendar is the shining star of the show, the motivator. Ahhh, it's so nice to see all those shiny sparkly stars on the page! The more there are means I ate very mindfully and healthily that day. A WIN! I can look at the whole month and see what the heck happened and when I stayed the course or when I strayed off the course and how long it took to recover. I'm very happy to say that for the most part I did very well, even if I say so myself.

So this is what happened in October. Pretty good, eh! Look how sparkly it is. It's so pretty in my room on the wall when the light hits it. Something to feel good about, a reward every day just to see it.

Now lets delve into it, out of 31 days I exercised 9 days. Okay, okay I can hear you all laughing right now. I did say this was true confessions did I not? Three of those walks were 10K's though so that helps a bit right? The rest were walking the dogs. Unfortunately my dogs have health issues and can only walk around 1 mile, otherwise I need to bring the dog stroller to assist. Clearly, exercising is a bit of an issue with me since it is rare when I'm truly stuck for the time to do it. My head hangs down a bit until I remember that I am still doing my 10k's once a week so I'm not truly abandoning the desire to get it done.

Next issue, Water. 25 out of 31. Not bad at all. The low water days were simply that, I did not meet the whole quota. Sometimes that actually gets met by the food I eat like homemade soup. But I'm aiming for a whole quota of water only. Why is this an issue, you say? Because I have real gut motility issues. I believe that I have gut permeability problems along with my known food allergies which means that if I don't get enough water daily then toxins can build up fast which affects my psoriasis (which I control with diet) and more importantly causes me to get constipation, which worsens everything aforementioned and causes inflammation body wide. My whole weight loss is due to the fact that I fight these issues daily. I've been successful, I know what works. Adherence is the game changer. Next up in October, leafy greens 24 out of 31. Again pretty great. Also 26 out of 31 on other veggies (not grains). If I didn't get a leafy green I at least got some other veggie. Important because of my need to stay regular, which can get messed up quickly if I don't stay right on top of it.

Next up are the things to avoid. Speaking of grains yea 31 out of 31 gluten free (doing a happy dance). Nightshades, 24 out of 31, not too bad, crimes were spicy sauces, tomatoes, potato chips (I'm allergic to potato, tomato and peppers). Which was surprising as I haven't eaten those for a long time. Soy/ Corn 28 out of 31, very good, crimes corn or soy hidden in processed foods like turkey burger or ice cream. Undesirable red meat 21 of 31 days free getting iffy, usually ham or beef were the culprits, Dairy,13 of 31 hmmm, that sucked, crimes usually ice cream (my Achilles heel apparently) or cheese or hidden in products like Starbucks espresso shots.

Sugar, oohh no, 5 out of 31 days free, OK a little explanation. I include chocolate in this category and until I use it up, my flax oil supplement or pea protein supplement that I put in my smoothies had chocolate. I was even using cocoa nibs in there which I adored, but my psoriasis diet says I should not indulge and yes truth be told its true it does affect my psoriasis. Good news about chocolate is that I used dark or unrefined chocolate most times. In the future I'll avoid products with that as an ingredient. Also there were the dastardly Halloween days. To mitigate I thought I'd buy myself some candy corn that didn't have any soy which most candy does. So why did I need two bags? I admit that was a stupid fail. I gave myself permission to have some so I wouldn't feel left out and then got greedy anyway, for shame. Last but not least Alcohol or coffee, 18 of 31, I consumed a lot of coffee (my husband keeps bringing home those espresso cans, his fault for sure but I noticed he didn't actually lift the can to my face) 12/31 for strictly the issue of alcohol, hmmm, that was more than I thought as the month before was a lot less, room for improvement as alcohol even though it's only one drink causes my system to slow way down and causes inflammation.

Hmm my blog is getting long and I have to stop for now and I don't want to lose what I already wrote or Sparkpeople will time me out. So later I'll write blog 2 true confessions.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fantastic observations and those observations lead to great successes...you've got this dear sparkly Eileen! You KNOW I'm cheering you on! emoticon
    196 days ago
    wow--what a wonderful blog about a great practice! you have learned an amazing amount by observing your actions in this way. keep it up! think of all you have ahead of you to learn and master! have a wonderful time on the journey. way to GO!!!
    215 days ago
    You are awesome! Thanks so much for blogging about your progress with the Calendar! It's hard work to look deeply into our habits and your calendar makes it so visual. I'm in the process of adopting some of your techniques myself -- right now I'm just tracking simple (but important) tasks at my job. baby steps, I know!

    I'm looking forward to your next blog, as always! Thanks for being there.
    221 days ago
  • LIS193
    You are doing great! Progress not perfection!! Way to go catching the "slippage" before it becomes to hard to recover from.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    221 days ago
    Thanks Eileen for sharing love the idea of your Calendar!Thanks emoticon
    for sharing,this is something i really need to do myself! emoticon
    Anxious to read blog#2 Have a truly wonderful day and weekend!
    221 days ago
    Creative and interesting ideas. I may try the calendar too.
    222 days ago
    Great idea with positive reinforcement
    222 days ago
    What a good idea to make a calendar of all you do! Certainly an eye opener!
    222 days ago
    Certainly an honest appraisal of things, adn I DO like that you track what you've done RIGHT! That is definitely notivating.

    Wishing ou good luck this month.

    222 days ago
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