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Plan b

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Always have a plan B. If plan A doesn’t work, go to plan B. Sheryl Sandberg wrote a book and speaks about this way of living. And believe me it works.

My journey to Los Angeles was incredibly challenging. I don’t need to go into details but everything that was planned had to be changed due to the fires. It isn’t a pretty picture down there. The Santa Ana winds are strong and feeding to the fire beast. This is the second fire I have experienced in the past few months, the first one in the Sonoma/ Santa Rosa area that was very recent.

Our climate is changing…changing as time passes. More fires, stronger hurricanes, more of everything.

More traffic. More people. More of more.

I just wish we could stop polluting our atmosphere. We, mankind are causing such destruction to our planet and if it wasn’t very obvious before, I believe we should all take a good look and see what is happening out there now.

Southern California hasn’t had any affecting rainfall, so just a spark set off recent fires that are not contained at this point. The ground has no water saturation so it is brutally dry.

It took 2 hours to get home from the airport that normally takes close to an hour. We are so crowded here, more homes built, more people…more people, more cars. More cars, more traffic. More traffic, more pollution. More pollution, more extreme weather patterns. No rain, fires. Hurricanes, floods, and so on.

It just doesn’t stop, does it?

So just to avoid the masses out there, I have decided to just be still and do my own thing today in my Marin. Venturing where the crowds and traffic are is not in my Plan A or B, I am truly easing into my life here in the country...I need a rest because sometimes, a small and momentary joy is all we can fight for.
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    A lot of this blog could be written for Florida too. Amazing lines everywhere now especially since its snow bird time...the northerners( they are called snowbirds) are arriving and so are the car carriers.... since most people keep a car here and fly down then have the carriers bring the 2nd car down. Good side I guess they pump millions into the economy here.
    219 days ago
    Yes. so many cars and crowds. Luckily Sacramento still has some rural areas. I'm going to hike in some tomorrow~
    222 days ago
    Those "small and momentary" joys are the ones that count and that can sneak up on us when we are least expecting them: there just for the noticing.

    Remember "Surprised by Joy"? CS Lewis.
    222 days ago
    I am so glad that you made it home from Los Angeles safe and sound. The news stories are brutal. I can't imagine coming back to a home where EVERYTHING is gone but the chimney. I pray that your kids are safe. Take care and refuge in your peaceful home............
    222 days ago
    So, so depressing... In our area (East Coast) we also have more and more people, more and more cars, more and more housing developments...
    But we have no fires, and I really feel bad for you.
    222 days ago
    I share your dismay about what we're doing to our planet. I think the planet is trying to get rid of us, and the process is only going to get more painful if we don't hurry up and change our ways.

    Your approach is so right: "I need a rest because sometimes, a small and momentary joy is all we can fight for." There are small things we can do to improve the world, but it has to be within the small area we're limited to. Living right, living small, being kind--there's not a whole lot single individuals can do, but together maybe we can turn things around.

    I'm so glad you can live in such a beautiful, peaceful place.
    223 days ago
    You are so very right. When we moved here to Champlin our little town was just a blip on the maps. There were houses on both sides of West River Road, along the river road, and for about a block behind us. After that is was mostly farmer fields with a few housing areas thrown in. Now, 35 years later, there is very little field left and housing developments popping up all around - big ones. People are no longer happy with a 2000 sq. ft. home, now they seem to need 50,000 sq feet. Homes that sell for over 1/2 million (which I know isn't much compared to housing costs in CA but it's a lot for this puny little town).

    This morning I saw a story on the news about the homelessness in Mountain View, CA - I looked it up, not too far from you. They interviewed a woman who was a Professor at the University but was living in her car which she and her husband parked in the church parking ramp at night. To pay for housing would be about 3/4 of her paycheck every month. And then they showed lines and lines of mini-RV's parked along the roads where people lived. The mayor said they couldn't even build enough housing for all the homeless. So many people and no where to put them. And now so many more will be without homes. Makes my head spin!

    Well, I made very little footprint myself today. I did about 2/3's of my Christmas Shopping on-line. I have only 5 gifts left to buy. Well, I suppose I should get something for Tom too!

    So I hope your day at home has been peaceful and has refreshed you after your very scary adventure!
    223 days ago
    You are so right. We live in the "more is more" era . We are losing ourselves trying to find balance when there is only confussion surrounding us. Taking a break from the condussion is all we can aim for sometimes.
    223 days ago
    As I read your blog, I look out and all I see is open space for a miles, and then it is just a neighbor here and there, and can see town from my chair but it is all open space between. You could move out here, where there is still open space and FRESH air. Maybe Morris will help you get back in a happy place, it only a few hours now. You be real careful out there, and are you going to have to change the way that you drive there cause to those fires? I don't know but California has really been dealt its share of challenges this year. How is the smoke in your area, it has to be there. I would have to stay in, due to the asthma, that air would not be good for the old lungs. Please, be careful.
    223 days ago
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