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Childhood Obesity

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

"A new study tells us that 57% of today’s children will be obese by the time they are 35. And if a child is obese when they are young, chances are overwhelming that they will stay that way.
Obesity is a real problem in our country, not just for adults but also for children."

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I stop by Circle K for an unsweetened iced tea. Their unsweetened teas come in three flavors: black, black raspberry, and green mango. Yesterday a mother bought her young preschool age daughter an ICEE she could barely carry it was so big. It concerns me that we are allowing children to eat high sugar, high fat, and high sodium foods and in amounts that lead to obesity.

I do not know what the answer is. Something needs to be done. This article gives suggestions that are good. But what can we do if our children are grown and starting etheir own families. God knows I kept mine busy in seasonal team sports, hiking, swimming, rollrskating and rollerblading, bike riding, paintballing, waterskiing or tubing, golf, karate, etc. but at some point I lost sight of portion control and healthy food choices. I think it was the high school years when I was in the parking lot waiting to pick up or in a hurry picking up fast food. I put on all kinds of weight.

I've come back to my senses, mainly because I have more time for me. How do we encourage better choices without sounding like a know it all or being an annoying pest?

We should worry about those around us. This obesity trend has been years in the making and is only getting worse. Our healthcare system is overburdened with obesity related issues.

I always encourage my students to bring healthy snacks. My class brings more healthy snacks than any other class. Other teachers say, "We can't control what parents send with their kids for snack." But we can point out the health benefits of healthy choices and make others want to care for their bodies.
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    well i can tell you this..i was raised in a house where there was NO sugar except on holidays and special occasions. i remember going to camp for the summer and how absoulutely special it was to go on a picnic and share a 6 oz coke with my sister. SHARE it. we had all the fruit and veggies we wanted...but no "processed" sugar. and both of us ended up fat. not a little overweight..FAT.
    i look back..and know now, after a lifetime of trying every diet..going to dietitians, doctors, and very nearly getting bariatric surgery, that the problem WAS the fruit and veg. now that i eat no fruit, and very little veg (only spinach, mushrooms, and very rarely broccoli or zucchini) i have been able to lose 128 pounds. and i eat a LOT...over 2000 cals a day. i so hate that we have been lied to for so long...
    but i agree..sugar...carbs in any form..are the enemy if you have a weight problem. and the kids having unlimited amounts...just one more mark against health..
    369 days ago
    DD2 works with obese children and they, the children, have very little home support.
    369 days ago
    It’s important for parents to set good examples. We eat at home most of the time and I usually take a healthy lunch with me to work. Also we often eat out of small plates for portion control. The portions in restaurant are 2-3 x what they should be
    369 days ago
    I totally agree. My little granddaughter who is six, always ask is that healthy. She says I want to eat healthy. Her mommy helps with this as well!
    369 days ago
  • KITT52
    at the grocery store a few days back I watched a lady pour coke in to her babies bottle, this child could not have been more than 18 months old and was crying and screaming, she replied, this is what makes her stop crying..... emoticon
    370 days ago
    I've tried to instill healthy eating in my boys. We don't have pop in the house and they are only allowed Sprite on special occasions if we happen to go out to eat. What is sad for me is that when we go to my parents' house is when they get more "junk" food. It does start with the parents. I've seen 2-year-olds drinking Mt. Dew and that just make me angry.
    370 days ago
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