Monday, December 04, 2017

hi all--it's Monday afternoon and rob and I have been working in the barn. got the floor trim down. the wainscot trim is painted and ready to go up, but I need to get paint for the walls first. I have figured out where my heated clay storage closet will be, and we got some drywall patches put up where we installed the windows. one more wall needs some drywall. it's getting closer to completion and looking better all the time. it will always be a rough space, but it can be clean and neat and bright. that's where it seems to be headed.
day 8 of this cold and I think it's well on the way out. my voice isn't quite normal yet, but I feel a whole lot better. had a long phone visit with my friend Sharon from Wisconsin. she has been through a lot in the last couple years, her DH, jerry, has had some really challenging health issues. but she feels like the trajectory is finally upward, and I hope so for her too.
not sure what the coming week holds for me--I may need to start glazing. Phyllis said she would like me to come into the store one night with my pottery--and I need to get some more new things done. I have a lot of milk and cookie sets ready to glaze--just need to decide on HOW to glaze them.
other things we got done today--the train and buildings are all put away for winter, and the chickens all got their rear ends sprayed--they had a minor mite infestation. rob caught them one by one and held them while I sprayed. for the most part they were good, and tolerated the scarey time pretty well. and we took all three dogs to the park for a nice walk, celebrating what I think will be the last warm day we will see for awhile.
have a lovely afternoon!
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