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Monday, December 04, 2017

1050: that is a lot of days of accountability! because that is what this is really about; like spinning the wheel every day, each blog i write is a commitment to my self, to the lifestyle choice of being a thin person. some days i have had something to say; some days not so much. i've enjoyed sharing my photos, which have become the product of the lifestyle choices i've made, here on the blog (though none today - though we carried the cameras on yesterday's morning walk, i had too much on my mind.

i had hoped to go to the seattle art museum to see the andrew wyeth exhibit yesterday, but that didn't happen. work that overflowed from last week had to be finished off, and by the time that was done, and we saw the seattle traffic because of the football game, we decided to put it off until we return in january on our way to molokai. instead, we spent some quality time with DS1.

and... well, i had a bit of a mental conflict. intellectually i know that food should not be a reward. but... you see, it's my birthday today. and there is a gourmet vegan restaurant here in seattle that serves a fixed price 5 course meal! i have wanted to have dinner there for years, but it is always booked, and we never seemed to have the time or the foresight to plan in advance. but, we began to talk about when to schedule the car service, and DH needed to see the eye doctor, and well... why not do it to coincide with my birthday? and make a reservation at the restaurant i've been dying to eat at? and we did.

there were so many ingredients in each course that... well, i enjoy cooking delicious home cooked plant-based food, but this was all in a class by itself. and 5 courses - well, DS2 has a theory that the more expensive the meal, the smaller the portions. and his theory held - but with 5 courses, it was a good thing! because once it was over we did not feel overly full. i took claire for one last walk after dinner. so all in all, i would say that the meal followed beck's vacation&special occasion rule of allowing slightly more calories, included in the plan.

so today is my birthday. and we're bringing the car in for its service; DH has some errands he needs to take care of - the camera store, new shoes (remember, we live in the boonies, a town of 450 people). and, well, i've always been the caretaker, the bill payer, the appointment scheduler, the arranger. and i've been thinking that as much as i wanted to have dinner at the restaurant last evening (they were closed on mondays or we would have gone today), i have wanted a massage. i even hinted to DH that i wanted a massage. he said it was a fine idea. but.. nothing happened. and when i got up to work tonight (yeah, i know, couldn't help it), there was a coupon in my email inbox for a discount on a massage with a therapist i have seen before. i sat there and stared at it. i checked out if there was an appointment open today... and there it was. should i wait to ... ask? see what DH thought? (why am i even going through these thought processes, i'm a grown - old! - woman!) and so... i did it. i scheduled it! i knew that if i waited to ask DH he would say of course and then i would go look and the time would no longer be there and he would say you should have and... so i did. happy birthday to me!

tonight we are meeting DD, DSIL and her in-laws for dinner for a joint birthday dinner (her mom-in-law and i are just a few days apart in age). so once again.... i have checked the menu and have a plan. and there will probably be plenty of walking during the day. and a massage!

so, no photos, but yesterday's stats:
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