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Sunday, December 03, 2017

and good morning from my usual sleepless state in seattle. we made the trip over the mountains yesterday, not the most pleasant of adventures - snow on the mountain passes, coming up on one accident that occurred shortly before we arrived, and watching another car spin 360 in front of us, then slide sideways and then backwards into the guard rail. have you ever wondered how just because you decided to stop here or there or go back for one more thing resulted in not being in the wrong place at the wrong time? yeah.

after so many car rides (this is a 5 hour trip in winter) where i practiced beck's "hunger is not an emergency" i did not even think about hunger or food on the trip (ok, i was somewhat distracted by the traffic and the weather, but still - it would have been front of mind once upon a time). i had brought snacks as part of emergency supplies (just in case we were stranded on the side of the road), but never thought to touch them. credit.

i entertained us by finding a restaurant on yelp (app) and reading menus so we would know what to order. prepared, we found a lovely new restaurant, where i ordered perhaps one dish too many and perhaps ate just a bit more than i would have preferred because i didn't want to seem impolite (i had made the choice to order it, after all), but still did not feel overstuffed, was happy to go for a walk afterwards. and we all turned down dessert - including DH who usually insists on it and figures someone will help him out:-) and next time we eat there, i know exactly how and what to order. credit for restaurant planning. (and we did bring home quite a bit of food).

exercise planning successful: one choice we make is should the walk be for us (fast moving on the road, claire on a leash), for claire (across the fields by the house, not as much aerobics involved for us), or for both us and claire (photo walks where she can run and we may not get as much exercise value). with the trip to seattle coming up, and claire relegated to a leash for the next few days, we chose the fields for her, but tried to push it. and between those two miles, and running around the house getting ready, and the 30 minute workout (day two, total transformation, jessica smith) - managed not only the step goal, but also well over 120 active minutes. yeah! credit, considering 5 hours in a car.

pleased on that exercise video - i used 5 lb weights for the first time in ages. tough, but got through it. credit (i HATE strength training. did it anyway).

so there you have it. not a single photo taken - one of the dreariest trips across the mountains, and no time on the morning walk. but here are the stats
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