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10 More Pounds

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Before I began my journey with Spark People, I weighed 173 pounds. This is too heavy for my frame. In high school I weighed 115. I never dreamed, as a youth, that I would have a weight problem. Do any of us? Before computers, video games - in other words, my era - we moved, we walked and stayed active. The truth is we mature. We have children. We work and often have sedentary jobs.

I am now in the 150s. I am not happy at this weight. I developed heart disease and other health problems. Medications are necessary for my illnesses - such as the heart. This definitely interferes with weight loss.

I am calorie counting, exercising and now choosing to eat less meat. I vary between 1 to 2 meatless meals per week.

"The health factor. A plant-based diet, which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes and nuts, is rich in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. And people who don't eat meat — vegetarians — generally eat fewer calories and less fat, weigh less, and have a lower risk of heart disease than nonvegetarians do."

10 pounds is my goal. When I lose 10 pounds, I will re-evaluate. I will either decide to lose more or count myself at goal. Either way, it will be sweet to lose the next 10.

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  • OOLALA53
    After I became a teen, I never thought I WOULDN'T have a weight problem! I wasn't fat, except that I wasn't thin, as the cutest girls were, so I bewailed my eating at the same time I couldn't accept what it would take to reel it in. I went on to gain about 50 lbs. over time. It helped that I eventually gave up thinking I wasn't successful unless I never overate. I weaned myself off it! I'm back down to (a little below, actually) my high school weight but my bodyfat content is higher, I'm sure. My doctor is NOT worried about that at all. (In high school, I was about average in weight, so I weighed the same as 50% of the girls my age. Now, at approximately the same weight, I'm lighter than 87% of them! Not that it's a competition. I say it's because the seductiveness and wide availability of cheap modern foods, plus the unrestrained advertising industry's ability to pollute our attention in the name of free speech. We have to be such grownups! It's been worth every tough minute, though.)

    I am not battling any health condition, knock on wood. I pray that if I were, I would get the strength not to push the envelope/take many risks. It can be hard because for every claim that X is evil, there is one that says it's central, with the exception of the major modern manufactured refined foods.

    If you are convinced that you are actually overeating, I send you my sincere wishes that you find a pleasurable-enough way to step yourself down from that. But only you can know if it's worth the tradeoff. emoticon

    430 days ago
    456 days ago
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    472 days ago
    Very sweet and you can do it!
    473 days ago
  • LIS193
    Making small changes here and there and going meatless will make a difference!
    473 days ago
    You can do it!!!

    I am with you...
    After my heart attack I was told to go on the Mediterranean Diet ---- basically what you do now but with lots of fish and chicken as well as olive oil ...

    Good luck ... hugs
    473 days ago
  • STAR135000
    I was 115 pounds in high school too! I'm aiming for 135 pounds as my total goal. I'll reevaluate when I get there whether I want to lose any more or not.

    Congratulations on losing all that you have so far! I wish you much luck losing the 10 pounds in the near future!
    474 days ago
    Sounds like a great goal! emoticon
    474 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I can tell you what made a huge change in weight loss for me. I was stuck, as a vegetarian, on a very long plateau until one day I discovered tracking my food and saw where the majority of my calories were coming from. When I eliminated a lot of the carbs I was eating, especially the bread products, all of a sudden the weight just came off. These days, I have had it pounded into me by so many health professionals to eliminate gluten and dairy as these are the two most inflammatory substances you can possibly consume. And this inflammation can present and affect any organ in the body, including the heart. Part of the problem is the crops are so loaded with pesticides, wheat, corn and soy being the worst. When they are made 'roundup ready', that means the crops can survive the absorption of glyphosate, which means when its harvested, you consume it and its a known carcinogen. So may I suggest eliminating some of the bread if you can. And this was a period also when I felt really good. I also don't eat sugar of any kind, sweet, treats or as is. We are all experiments of one and need to see what works for us.
    All the best with your next 10 lbs, you can do it!
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    474 days ago
    Wow your weight issue even sounds like mine! 100 pds in HS!!! You can do this!!!
    474 days ago
    474 days ago
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    474 days ago
    emoticon , Kim
    474 days ago
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    474 days ago
    474 days ago
    A step at a time. You're doing it the right way.

    And you're right . . . . I never thought I'd have a weight problem as an adult. But at least we are taking care of our health. That's what's most important.
    474 days ago
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