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Dec. 2017 Daily Journal

Friday, December 01, 2017

WOW! it's the last day of the year! emoticon

Good thing it is the last day of the month too. This blog is getting long.

Today I spent 6 hours on my feet grocery shopping and putting them away. That had to burn some calories. I had a quick bite before I left this morning but I made up for it when I got back for lunch. Now I am sleepy. I'm waiting for the spa to heat up. I plan to go soak for awhile. My lower back and hip did great today. Usually starts hurting in 5 min. I didn't even think about my back until 5 1/2 hours later. All that time on my feet and walking around that was really good. My feet got very tender from being on them that long. Tomorrow I will take my measurements-weigh in- and take pic. Then I will compare those number at the end of the year. Actually I should go ahead and do that today and close out Ded and see how much I lost.

Beg. number for dec...............Ending numbers for dec.
Beginning numbers

Weight..... .. 255.6 .....244.4= -11.2
Bmi ... ...... 42.6% ....... 40.7%
BF .......... 57.2% .......... 56.2%
BW.. .. .....31.3% .... 32.1%
waist.... 50 ................ 48
hips.... 55 .......54
thigh... 29 ...... 27
chest .. 52 ...........51

I lost 11.2# ; Lost 6" emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon Saturday-- Dec 30, 2017

Good Morning!!

Yesterday I did 38 min. ST and I was sore most of the day. By night time I covered myself in ben gay and went to bed. I slept good. Got up around midnight and then 5 am.

Yesterday I made Jan menu--- it is NOT set in stone. For example: Brkft- omelet, Lunch - Froz. entrée - dinner Stk & veggies; and I've listed possible snacks at the bottom of the calendar. This gives me the variety I need in my meal plan but sets a definite guide line. For example-- Meatless Mondays', fish twice a week, Chicken, beef, pork at least once a week- turkey or ham here and there. Brkft consist of egg whites & veggies, cereal Hot or cold, muffins, brkft sand, ham & cheese scramble. By the time Feb gets here I'll have a better idea on how this works out. The key is to stay within my calorie range; keep my fat, protein, carb chart to appx a third each (that seems to work for me); and try to keep cholesterol within reason.

Getting everything ready for the New Year- I need to add walks back to my routines but I need to see what the challenges I've joined are going to have me to do. I need to work the walks around them. Who knows-- they might have me walk too.

Yesterday- I received my link to the 5% Daisy spark team. I am now a Determined Daisy!! I am excited about this challenge. I think this one is going to be more intense that the Dwindling Divas! I hope so. I hope the teammates are more energetic and competitive-- I want our team to win! And I want to lose at least 5% during the next 8 weeks. The last challenge I lost appx 7%!! emoticon

I'm trying a new schedule. I am trying to eat at 6 am instead of 9-10 am. The reason I was eating bkft so late is I have a habit of eating all day when I eat early. I am trying to eat before exercise and not munch all day. I have everything schedule on my calendar. Mealtimes-exercise times- dog meds times-

I still need to get NEAT into my daily routine. emoticon emoticon

emoticon Dec 29th Friday!

Feeling better now than I did at 4 am. I was feeling a little depressed cuz the last couple of days the scale moved up a pound- But today it went back down & down an extra 0.6. emoticon

This morning I've done my 38 min strength. I also can do jumping jacks! Haven't been able to do them in years. Been doing modified Jumping Jacks. But I did 10 this morning. And yesterday I did 48 min cardio from You Tube and the squats seemed a little easier and my knees don't seem to be to sore. So that's good too!

New Year's almost here! Will need to weigh and measure for the beginning of the year. Plus I am going to reset all of my streaks. hopefully end of year I can have some prefect scores! I'm already looking forward to end of 2018 to see how good I do this new year! I bet it is going to be awesome!!

Dec. 28th. Already started figuring out my weight loss plan.
New Goals!! 12/27 Edit goals today... 150 fitness min. = 1236 calorie burned.
3 days 30 min cardio
3 days 20 min strength

These figures reduced my calorie in take. 1370-1720 ;;; I got used to keeping below 1500 now I need to try to keep below 1400. (350 4 times a day)

5% Challenge Commitment - Plan
Calorie Goal-- 1370-1720
Burned Weekly Goal --1236
Goal to go from 246 to 233.7 by 03/03/2018

I will exercise 150 minutes every week. I will eat between 1370-1720 calories. I will lose 12.3 lbs by 3/3/18. Beginning weight-- 246-12.3=233.7 by 3/3/18
I will do this!

This starts Jan 6th. But right now I need to keep self going. The reduced physical routines are already noticeable. The scale already showed a 1lb gain.. I hope that is water because I had ham 3 times in the last couple of days. Maybe the salt in the ham.

Today I did a 48 min sliver sneaker workout. emoticon

Dec. 27, 2017 Wed.

Weigh in day--- 246 Lost 2 more pounds

Dec. 1, 2017 .... ..... Dec. 27 ending number for challenge..

Beginning numbers

Weight..... .. 255.6..................246....
............ lost 9.6
Bmi ... ...... 42.6%.......... 41.0%
BF .......... 57.2%....55%
BW.. .. .....31.3% ...... 32.9%
waist.... 50.........49
hips.... 55........53
thigh... 29......28
chest .. 52........50.5

emoticon I DID GREAT!! Doing my happy dance!!!

Have four days left to this month; maybe I can lose somemore!!

After the 1st of Jan I am rewarding myself with a new hair cut and color.

Dec 26 Tues! Good Morning!! I did 30 min low-impact cardio this morning. I manage to get my side sore again. Already had my right shoulder and arm sore. I really have a hard time lifting my right arm. Left arm no problems,

X-Weighted Challenge today is last day. Tomorrow I will post my beg. weight and ending weight. I know I made my goal of 10 lbs but we will see how much better I did.

This week my strength and cardio workouts are down to bare minimum. I was surprised to see how much cardio went down. Didn't do any walking or working in the yard. But I've been really worried about Mitika all week. I think she is doing better.

Next month starts the new challenges. I need to get ready for them. emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The sun is out! But the clouds are trying to hide it.

This morning I soaked in spa; did 20 min strength training (knees & right side hurt now), I joined another challenge. It's for 12 weeks-- starts Jan 10-April. That makes 3. I hope I haven't overdone it. The other 2 are for 8 weeks each. the X-Weighted team challenge was fun and it kept me going. The other 2 I joined I think they are going to be more challenging. And I think that is good. Anything to keep me going. I don't want to fizzle out. I'm not going to set up any 2018 goals. I need to see what requirements each of my challenges have and set them as my goals! 2018 I am going to succeed!! emoticon

Christmas Eve! Today has had it's ups and downs. 1st of all I received a note from Pete stating he doesn't feel this relationship is going anywhere because I won't give him my phone number. Known him less than 2 weeks. This made me sad though.

On a brighter note I think Mitika is doing better. She has eaten today and been drinking water. She is still weak. But her tail wags a little.

I've eaten more than I should so far. But that's ok. I really haven't overdone it.
Today is Sunday so I took the day off from exercising!

Dec. 23rs Sat.

Since I have to weigh in on Saturday's for the new challenge--- I started practicing today so I'll get in the habit. Looks good-down 1.5 lbs. this coming wed is my last weigh-in with this challenge. I'm doing really good.

Today I did 47 min workout. Did silver sneaker workout with Tona. It's actually called Senior Fitness by Tona on YouTube. It seemed harder to do today.

Mitika not doing good; doing good; I don't know. She wouldn't eat this morning. She is stumbling .. Won't drink water. Finally got her to drink chicken broth. She drank about 3 cups. Good right! Then she ate dry dog food. And she ran out the door with the other dogs to bark at dogs. Did really good keeping her balance. Then she trotted in circles in house. Now she's asleep. Dogs started barking and she didn't even budge. Been 5 days since she had the seizures; and I still don't know how she is doing. All I know is she hasn't had any more seizures. I wish she would get well.
Dec 22 Friday-
Almost forgot to write. I did 34 min strength training today. I worked on the routine I made. It was cold yesterday and today. Really haven't done much of anything else. I have been spending time writing a menu. well not actually writing it- still trying to plan it. I have all kinds of ideas- now need to figure what is going to work for me. I've been doing a good job and getting my nutrients and maintaining calorie intake. I want to cook up several meals and freeze them for later.

DEC 21. THU.... SERIOUSLY! It wouldn't save again. I had written a whole bunch. Don't remember what all I wrote. Oh well

Yesterday I only did 5 min strength, I was tired and sore. Still sore today. Don't know what I did.

Mitika is doing better but I really wish she wouldn't pace around the house. Everytime she does I start to panic. But she is doing better. But not there yet.

I am so far behind schedule today. I still need to do every thing and Tyler or is it Taylor will be coming by sometime after lunch to do yard work. He gets out of school early today.

Dec. 20th, Wed. The wind is blowing today. Today is weigh in day-- lost 3.2lbs emoticon

My poor dog. She is walking into walls. Won't lay down. I wish she would settle down until her body gets use to her meds.

Today I haven't kept up with my routine. I'm tired, stressed, and sore. I did soak in the spa for a half hour. Was going to do my workout but couldn't make up my mind on what I want to do. It's strength day and I'm sore and I can't figure out which one would be best. I have a couple of routines I do. I probably should do the one for my back.

Everything got messed up yesterday but I did do everything I was suppose to. I even bought a desk calendar so I have a place to write my menu's (that seems to be the hardest thing to do); bought printer ink. So I need to start planning. I also need to take inventory of my freezer and decide what my meals are going to be. I have all the meat and fish I need.

I think I might take today off and try to get some rest. My poor dog is walking into walls and stuff. I wish she would go to sleep. I'm so worried about her.

My friend didn't email me this morning. I guess I don't have a friend any more. I was afraid it was to good to be true.

Dec. 19th Tues: Wow what a morning. My poor doggie Mitika started having seizures at 0330; at 0730 the vet opens and I took her in; they kept her; they don't know what caused the seizures. I hope this doesn't ever happen again! Poor puppy! She must have been so scared and in pain. When I got home I got in the hot tub to calm down. Spent a half hour in there and did a 30 min cardio workout to help with the stress.

I've finished Bingo card 3 and only have 2 more squares on 4 to do. I need to get up enough energy and work out in the yard for 30 min and dance to a song. I think I can get this done. I want to do this before I have to pick Mitika up from the vet.

Dec 18 Monday morning! Hello! I did great yesterday! I found a silver sneakers workout on You Tube by tonya 47 min long. I liked hers better than the one at the gym. She had some different exercises to hers. It was fun. The only thing I don't have is the little ball but I pretended I was holding it and did the exercises anyway. Then Keoni and I went for a walk. It was a little chilly out but I had mittens on. That was another 33 min. And yesterday ended up being another meatless day! 8 glasses of water again. Still peeing!!! I only have 2 spaces left on card 3 and less than half on 4. On card 3 I need to work in the yard for 30 min and turn up the music and dance. I plan to get those done today. WOW! I started out to do 2 cards and now I'm doing 3 & 4. emoticon emoticon

Sunday Dec. 17th
Yesterday I did 10 min of strength. Today I need to do 25 min cardio and take dog for a 20 min walk. I don't think I will have card 3 finished but I do have a good start on card 4 now. Maybe by the end of the week I'll have both 3 & 4 done.

Back again; did Tonya Sliver Sneaker Class on YouTube; 47 min. ; Good Class; like it! Keoni and walked around the block too. That was another 33 min. Good workout today.

It's a little chilly out; the sun is out but the breeze is cold!

December 16th, 2017 Saturday.
Good morning! I have finished card 1 and 2 of my bingo cards and I'm now I'm on my third one. I woke up a little stiff and sore this morning. But I'm feeling much better now and I still haven't even been in the hot tub yet! I drink 8 glasses of water again yesterday and didn't eat any meat. That's twice now in the same week! I also did 25 minutes of cardio yesterday instead of my strength training. Today I might take a break from both or I might do my strength today. But I'm not doing cardio today. Yesterday the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The Sun was shining there was no wind and it was 63 out. I went walking yesterday morning, they said it was 48 degrees out and I was walking through sleeveless shirt on and capri pants and I tell you what it was not cold at all. So I think they lied about the temp. Today it's already windy outside so it'll probably be chilly today. The wind usually does that.

Dec 15th, Friday!

Good morning. Today is day 3 on the Bingo card. I completely finished card 1 yesterday and I have a good start on card 2. I have only 10 spaces left on card 2. I am going to try to complete 8 of them possibly all 10.

Last night I was stiff and sore from yesterday activities but this morning I feel great. Time to go get busy.

Dec 14, 2017 Thu.

The sun is shining and it looks wonderful out. But the wind is blowing and making it cold. :-(

I need to go outside for 30 mins and work in the yard to get one of my spaces on my bingo card. I only have 2 spaces to finish on my first card. I want to get them done. The other one is drinking water which I plan to have done today. Already drank 5 glasses of water.

This morning I did 30 mins of cardio. emoticon

I found another spark team. They are also going to have a winter challenge for 8 weeks. Between both teams I hope to keep busy and get in better shape. Ur challenge to lose 5% of ur weight. I lost that much on this team. If I keep losing 5% every couple of months I'll get down pretty quick!! That appx. 12-13 lbs.

I'm doing this!!!

12/13/17 Wed.

Today is weigh in day- -3 emoticon
My strength and cardio minutes decreased. At first I thought bad girl but I noticed that I did more than my starting amount as of 6 weeks ago. As sore as I have been getting I'm thinking I may have increased to much. Maybe this week I'll do 20 -30 min every other day for strength and on opposite days cardio; except for walking- keep it as an add on. U know this still might be too much but I'll try it. One rest day a week.

Today begins Week 7. It's bingo week! Most of it looks pretty easy.

Ok new goals for this week: Lose 1lb; do strength 3x for 20/30 min; do low impact cardio (sp premium workout) 3x for 20/30; and go for 3 walks during the week.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

12/12/17 Tuesday.
I keep telling my self I am going to walk today and not do it. Well THIS MORNING I WALK FIRST THING!! 1.2 miles for 34 mins./ 37 degrees out but I bundled up. But on the other hand I only have in 10 min cardio today. I still need to do some strength. Yesterday I started snacking towards the eod. Consumed 1600 calories. Still within my allowable amount but higher than what I usually do. I try to stay below 1500.
This morning I am starting out with soup for breakfast. Hoping it will warm me up!! I think I eat more when I am cold.

Tomorrow is weigh in day again. Right now I'm showing a loss-- hope it's really good tomorrow. I had a couple of days that I ate on the high end of my allowable calories.

I got up and went for a walk this morning! First one this week. Still doing cardio and strength but not as much as I want. But must be doing plenty-- Keep getting sore. emoticon

Dec 11, Monday! This morning I got up - got in hot tub-- did 20 min. cardio & 18 min strength. I'd say I will go for walk this afternoon but that just doesn't seem to happen. I don't know why I have such a hard time splitting up my exercises. If I don't do them all at 1 time it seems like I don't do them at all. I wish I could change that attitude. It's so weird. I know I want to do more; I know I need to; I know I don't have any excuses; but yet I won't get up. And what's even more weird is I get sad over the feeling of not wanting to get up and do it.

I'm glad I got in over 30 min exercise; but I really need to do more; at least take the dogs for a walk or even just me! emoticon

Dec. 10, Sunday morning. Done 20 mins cardio!! emoticon I used SP premium low-impact cardio. I think I like this one. My knees aren't sore and my back is ok! However my arms really got tired. So I will stick with the 20 min. workout until my arms can do better. Then I'll move on to the 30 min.

All this week my weight has been the same. I hope when Wed gets here I've dropped a few pounds. I love watching the scale go down!

The suns out! It was 29 out; will be 67 today. I better get out and walk today!! Take puppies for walk. They'll love it!!

Ok time to do strength and then make breakfast!! And for afternoon for warmer walking weather!! emoticon emoticon

Dec. 9, 2017 Saturday Morning.
Last night sucked!! I went to bed early and about 2 hours later I woke up and then the roller coaster ride started; Every hour on the half hour one of my dogs would decide he or she needed to go out. Finally got up at 4:30 am.

They say when u wake up hungry it's a sign ur metabolism is working. Yesterday morning I was starving; this morning I wasn't hungry (does that mean my metabolism wasn't working last night?); about an hour later I started getting hungry.

So far today-- I soaked in the hot tub!; done strength, cardio, and ate breakfast. Didn't want to do any of it. But I did. It's really hard doing cardio when ur legs get tired within a couple of minutes of starting. I wonder why that is happening. Maybe my legs r tired from the strength but when I try to do strength in morning and cardio in afternoon --I don't do cardio.. So I need to do it all in the morning. It's suppose to be 65 out this afternoon. Maybe I will get out and walk!!. I'm suppose to be doing that everyday anyways. I'm starting to notice I am slacking. Come on Ronda u have to keep going! Lets make this our last attempt at losing weight. U R DOWN 20.8 POUNDS!! Don't blow it now!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Dec 8th Friday.... Good morning!! Yesterday my knee and back hurt. And I woke up starving. I tried to do my dance routine but really didn't want to. But I did 10 min of it. Later in the day I tried to go for walk to get more cardio in but didn't really want to do that either (but it hurt less); got in another 10. Woo Hoo-- that's 20 min. right on track. Did my strength exercises. Didn't want to do them either... Still hungry. Have to fill out some paperwork and get it in the mail. Took off to do that. Went to the bank, post office, petsmart, & Walmart--- Guess what I noticed it's now 11:30 and I forgot to eat breakfast! Headed home. Ate!!!!! By dinner time I only ate appx 800 calories; Made beans and corn bread for dinner- had double serving-- WOW 734 calories!! But I stayed below 1500 calories (that's my goal)(sp goal 1480-1830). Was full the rest of the night!!!.

When I went to the bank -taco bell is right there-- thought about buying a burrito-- thought I had already had breakfast -- so I told myself NO!! I use to get cheap brkft at taco bell when I was on the grand jury.

I didn't have any energy yesterday and was sore. but I took a nap and at 3:30pm I got up and went outside and raked!!! Yeah!!! Between running around and raking I did get in my exercise!! emoticon

Steps--- an all time high... 12,738!! emoticon

Today's lesson on Spark Coach is about sugar.. Did u know that u r ONLY allowed 6 tsp a day!! I do now. I always try to keep my sugar limited but I do splurge once in awhile. I did buy some sweetener about a month ago. Still haven't open them. Will use them for baking. I want to try out the carrot cake oatmeal brkfst cookies. And few others!!.

I did Great Yesterday and looking forward to another awesome day. So far this morning I feel better.

...................... emoticon OOPS! I lost my motivation! I didn't do my strength workout or cardio. 7 mins each. But this evening I did jump up and vacuum the living & dining rooms. Boy do the dogs leave a lot of fur on my carpets. Never see it but it sure does fill up the vacuum. Started to pig out this afternoon but still manage to stay in my calories.!! emoticon Hope tomorrow goes better!!

Dec. 7th... Thur. Good morning. Yesterday I stayed in my calorie count!! Yesterday I did my strength in the AM and planned to do my cardio in the afternoon. I got to it by evening time and hated every min. of it. My leg were tired (don't have a clue why) and didn't want to do it. I guess I am a A.M. person when it come to exercise. This morning I've been up an hour and now I'm yawning. My ambition is missing today! I put on some music maybe it will get me going.
I've got a lot to do today. Need to go to the bank, post office, title company. I want to go to the pet store. Keoni needs a new jacket.

The music has me bouncing in my chair but I still don't want to do any workouts!!! UGH!! Maybe I should just get moving and not think about it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Did 10 min cardio & a couple of strength exercises. My right knee is very upset with me. I didn't meat my goal for today but I at least did part. I'm going to have to change exercises. Need to be easier on my knees.,

Dec. 6th... Wed. Lost 1.4lb!! I made my 10# goal for my 8 week challenge in 5 weeks!! YIPPIE!! Doin my happy dance! 3 weeks of the challenge left.. The war is ON! Lets try to lose 3 more pounds!!

Yesterday-- I went way over my calorie allotment yesterday! I hit 3000+ calories. I made chili mac and ate the whole thing!! Yesterday was a bad day. I only did 10 min strength, only 1 of my cardio dance planned, and no walks. My knees got to sore on the 1st cardio dance. I don't think I can do rockin body schedule yet. And I think I will go back to my strength-- it worked mostly the lower back, hip, and core. My knees can handle it better than SP strength. So this week--I modify--- My strength workout plus 10 lunges for the challenge; cardio depending on how my knees feel-- SP over 50 fit cardio or rockin body 1 cardio routine.... AND GET THOSE CALORIES BACK IN TRACK!! This shld work!! And when I get my knees in better shape maybe then go back to old plan. DON'T FORGET TO WALK FOR CHARITY MILES!!!

Week 6 challenge begins. I can do most everything on the list but drinking 8 glasses of water not likely. I get close usually between 6&7. Plus 8 glasses make me pp!! all night long!!

Dec. 5th... Tuesday morning. Woke up really hungry. Haven't eaten yet. I feel tired this morning. I started my new exercise plan yesterday. I did my strength & the 1st day of rockin body workout. Today I will do SP premium strength workout & 2nd day rockin body. I didn't walk yesterday but I did go shopping and walked appx. 2 miles. Well I hope I find some energy soon. emoticon

Dec 4th. Monday. Oh where oh where did our sunshine go? Brrrrr! Yesterday almost 70 out. Today 48. Amazing how much difference in temp from one day to another. That's AZ for u.

First thing I did this morning was my strength, cardio, & stretching. Then I spent 2+ hours shopping. Spent 150 at Walmart and 90 at grocery store. At Walmart I bought me some color pens to color with. Also got a crochet hook & yarn. Trying to find ways to distract me when I get binge eating. I want to go for a walk but I don't want to go outside. I feel I owe ASPCA a walk everyday. I found this site Charity miles and I give my miles to ASPCA and my photos to give a child a smile.

Today on Spark Coach they discuss cravings and hunger. I really haven't been having cravings or I haven't noticed. I have some days I was hungry all day. They said ur stomach growls when hungry.. well I've had days that all it did. Now when I get really hungry I sometimes can't stop eating. That's when I go over my calories.

Dec 3... Sunday.. Taking it easy today. I watered interior & exterior plants. Have 2nd load of laundry in dryer. Done the dishes. It's about lunchtime now and I have the doors open letting in the fresh air... It's about 66 out. The sun is shining and the wind is tickling my wind chimes. What a wonderful day it is.

Yesterday started out good. I cooked a pork loin and then made me a Mexican flavored casserole; That was good and I had a hard time not eating the whole casserole. Yes I went over my allowable calorie amount. It happens. Today I am trying not to repeat yesterday.

I already have 3300 steps today. Not bad for not doing anything. That's from running around the house.
emoticon I'm doing this!! emoticon emoticon

Dec 2...... I was positive I wrote in here yesterday. Must have forgotten to save it. Have no idea what I wrote...

Dec. 1, 2017 Friday....

Beginning numbers

Weight..... .. 255.6
Bmi ... ...... 42.6%
BF .......... 57.2%
BW.. .. .....31.3%
waist.... 50
hips.... 55
thigh... 29
chest .. 52

I lost 9.2lb in Nov. ... Very Good! Nov. Goal was set for 5.... Dec goal is 5.... Maybe I get lucky and lose another 9.

Dec. Goals...... Find a cardio routine I like. Alternate strength routine between mine & SP.. Make a note to do NEAT everyday and increase it. Increase walk mileage from 5.9 miles to 7 miles per week. Continue to monitor food intake and keep calories in tack. Try to walk 10,000 steps a day by eom. Increase water. Keep writing in my journal.

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    Set some new goals! Nutrition, fitness and weight loss are still going to be the overall goals of your program. But adding in some fresh, fun and simply different goals can help you stay in check. Your action step today will be to choose 1-3 of these goals (or come up with your own) that you feel excited about. Then, add them to your program and start working toward them. Here are some ideas to help you start thinking about new goals you can set.

    New Nutrition Goals
    - Make 1 new recipe each week.
    - Start a healthy lunch or dinner club with friends.
    - Pack your lunch 3 times per week.
    - Try a new fruit or vegetable each week.
    - Finally give up that beverage vice: Diet soda, soda, sweetened tea or high-calorie coffee drinks.
    - Eat 7 or more servings of fruits and veggies each day.
    - Add another cup of water to your daily drinking quota.
    - Plan your meals in advance each week before you go shopping.
    - Eat a salad every day. (Try to come up with new recipes as often as possible.)
    - Put a specific dollar amount into a jar each day you track all of your food details. Use it to reward yourself with something fun at the end of the month.
    - Learn how to make a new kitchen staple (bread, jam, granola, etc.) from scratch, and then commit to using your recipe instead of store-bought.

    New Fitness Goals
    - Try a new class at the gym.
    - Set a strength training goal, such as lifting a certain amount of weight on a specific exercise (bench press, squats, biceps curls). Train for a month and see if you can reach that goal.
    - Try to cut a little time off of your walking or running pace. Set a goal and then train for it. Consider signing up for a new race, and then train to reach your personal best.
    - Train for a 5K (walking or running). Our 5K Your Way Training Plans will help!
    - Try a personal push-up challenge. Work your way to full push-ups on your toes and/or set a goal for the highest number of continuous push-ups you can do.
    - Start a consistency streak. How many days in a row can you commit to 10 minutes of exercise?

    What else inspires you or gets you excited about healthy living? Come up with a new goal today!
    1270 days ago
    Day 53 spark coach Nicole; regarding workout motivation. This is my reminder in case I need to review this day.
    1284 days ago
    Today's Program from Your Coach - Creating Your Perfect Workout Plan

    As a reminder, here are the workout parameters that you should be aiming for when creating your fitness plan.

    1. Cardio: 3-6 days per week, at least 10 (and up to 60) minutes per session. Research shows that 250 minutes of cardio exercise per week is needed for weight loss. If you haven't increased the length of your workouts--or the number of days you do--in a while, it may be time to kick it up a notch. This should help you see noticeable results as well. As a general note, try not to rest from cardio more than 2 consecutive days; doing so can begin to decrease your fitness level, making your next workouts feel even harder.

    2. Strength Training: 2 sessions per week, training every major muscle group with 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions per exercise. You can use many different types of resistance (body weight, dumbbells, machines, bands and more). Remember that strength training is so important because it not only makes you stronger (and helps you look better), but it also helps preserve your lean muscle mass. When you're losing weight, not all of that weight is body fat--a lot of it can be muscle if you're not strength training regularly. Make sure you always rest at least 1-2 days before training the same muscle group again.

    A sample program based on these parameters could look something like this:

    Monday: 20-minute full-body strength routine, followed by 20 minutes of cardio
    Tuesday: 30 minutes of cardio
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: 20-minute full-body strength routine, followed by 20 minutes of cardio
    Friday: 30 minutes of cardio
    Saturday: 20-minute full-body strength routine, followed by 20 minutes of cardio
    Sunday: Rest

    You can do your strength workouts on the same days as your cardio, or different days. You can vary the number of cardio and strength workouts, as well as the number of rest days, depending on your fitness level and goals. Don’t be afraid to experiment in order to develop the workout routine that works best for you.
    1285 days ago
    You definitely are doing it. I like the way you set your goals. emoticon
    1295 days ago
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