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New member of the farm yesterday morning

Friday, December 01, 2017

I am starting to feel better now finally, still some cough, and nose running but not as bad as it was last week!

I don't think I mentioned last time that the kitten has a name now, she is Cricket, and she squeaks like one for attention too. Such a squirmy thing she is, she loves riding on my shoulder and rubbing her head on my cheek the whole time and purrs a lot. I have been spending time with her just sitting and she doesn't get out of arm reach, when I can't pet her she is back on my lap. She is a very sweet thing but I do have to watch out for claws, something I never have to think about with Calliope.

Yesterday I got all ready for going to sell eggs in Millinocket, loaded the car, then got on the tractor and got the cows hay. All that was left were inside chores, it is quite a commotion down in the stable area at chore times sometimes. The sheep are baaing, the llama and alpaca humming and the calf mooing, and now there is Juniper bellowing, she is loud. Oh yes there is also Cricket squawking for her food and the hens clucking over there. I decided to get Juniper settled first, there was no sigh of labor and she dug into her grain just like nothing was happening, so while she was eating I cleaned up her pen and bedded it and got done about the time she was finishing her grain, she stuck her head out for a pat, looked around and flopped down in the hay and started pushing. I was kind of dumbfounded, she was showing no signs of labor, she ate something very few cows do while in labor and in 3 big pushes there was a calf, the first push and the legs were out about 8", then the head and finally the rest of the calf. The whole process was less then 5 minutes. My neighbor said she was waiting for me to get there lol. I notice when the feet were out that the calf has the same small white spot just above the hoof that mama has. I was cleaning off the calves mouth and nose when Juniper jumped right up, came over and started in cleaning up the other end. While I was getting up she decided I needed a slurp too and got me from chin to hairline with a huge lick taking my hat off too, yuck, number one, she left behind gooey stuff and number two cows tongues are very rough, they make a cats tongue seem like silk. I went and got the iodine to do the calves navel and she was up and discovered breakfast already while mama was trying to lick her off still. So both mama and baby are doing fine.

I would like to post a picture but unfortunately my iPad air is not charging, I am very sad about losing it, I will not be able to afford another one now that I am not working. I am guessing the battery is bad and the options are not great. You can send it back to Apple for them to put a battery in, but they do not necessarily give you back your iPad so you lose everything and I can't access anything on it to save it before sending. it costs about $110 to have them do it. I could order a battery and install it myself, it looks quite complicated, you have to remove most of the insides to get to the battery so possibility of breaking something is very high and the battery and tools are about $75, but you do not lose all your apps and set up. I am also having a problem with my Alienware laptop, all things indicate that there is a short somewhere. I will need several hours to investigate the problem to figure out what it may be, sometimes it will be cards, drives or the display, or worst case the mother board which would be very bad. I will try to find the time to figure it out because replacement is impossible. Sometimes if seems like I spend all my time fixing things, I have been trying to get the time to take apart the beater bar on my vacuum cleaner, it is also not working!

Today I had an early appointment to breed a cow so I made a sandwich and some tea, and got a check I wanted to cash and went up there first. There was a lot going on, the dairy supply guy was there, they had just finished milking so they were feeding and washing up in the milk-room, and the cow was already in to be bred. I got ready, and we went in and the cow had gotten herself turned around, so I bred her where she was. She needed ear tagging so I went back and put everything away and got my sweatshirt back on only to discover there was another cow, that had not been communicated at the time. So back to get everything out again! After breeding I went up on to Patten and got my check cashed, then home to grab the diesel cans to go get gas for the tractor. When I got home I filled the tractor and got the cows hay then went to do chores. Seems like a turned around work morning! This afternoon was spent doing bills and ordering my prescriptions and now I am looking at options for insurance for next year, since the one I have now is no longer available. Almost time for chores again!

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