Tuesday, November 21, 2017

good morning. was thinking for awhile it was Monday--this time of year rob has a lot of time off and so my "day clock" gets more messed up than usual.
barn work continues--the insulation along the ceiling line is done, and we have just 2 more panels to complete the ceiling. it would only be one but somehow one got cut to the wrong width. we tried to mount it and then piece a fix but it's not right. we had just enough of the insulation board to cut a piece to replace it. I am painting the two cut pieces in the basement right now. rob also ran the electrical line for the new kiln and changed over an outlet so it's now in a more convenient spot. we also picked up the paneling for the wainscoting--we had to cut out the two bottom feet of each drywall sheet in order to feed the insulation down behind it, so we will replace that with some nice gray/white paneling with a strong wood grained look. nothing fancy, but I will get paint for the walls to complement it and it will all look nice and clean. still have to get linoleum for the floor, and construct a clay closet, but we are getting closer all the time.
mostly right now my time is being consumed with the upcoming open house at the kitchen store. honestly I think if it goes really well this year I am going to talk to Phyllis--it's big enough now she needs to hire a professional caterer or chef to manage the food. I don't have the skill set to deal with something of this magnitude and learning it doesn't interest me. I love just showing up and serving the samples and interacting with the people-how my job morphed into being in charge of all of it kind of escapes me--but its something that happens to me fairly frequently. I think I give the appearance of being more of a leader than I really am. and if someone asks me to do something (esp. a friend) I would rather say yes than no. oftentimes this turns into a runaway train, and in this case it has. so it means a few more days of very intense work and then it will all be done. Phyllis for her part has tried very hard not to burn me out--but it's happening in spite of her best efforts. rob is also complaining a little because he sees me dealing with it. its just a few more days, and I want to help her be a success--but it may be that I have reached the limit of my capability, and if it gets any larger I won't want to do it. and In truth--if it does get larger, she needs to hire an outside firm to deal with it.
but the menu is set, and for the most part I know who will be working with me, so that's a step up from last year. getting the groceries together for everything is still not done--which is a huge undertaking that I have never been a part of, but this year she wants me to help with that too. the tent goes up on Wednesday, so we will be over there probably part of Thursday and all day Friday setting things up. it's a very long few days. today I have to go to rosie's to pick up the cookie dough (300 cookies worth) and drop some stuff off to her. stop at the license branch to touch base with sherri and invite her over for thanksgiving, and meet with Phyllis over this grocery list thing. but for now I am going to the park.
oh yeah--I am taking benedryl before bed for the next few nights to insure I get some sleep!
off to the park to make ralphie's day!
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