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Monday, November 06, 2017

Date: 11/6/2017- Monday
It’s interesting to see the way things are working together. For example, I decided I wouldn’t do a post on weekends. That means the affirmative quotes for those days got skipped. When I looked at them, it made sense. Today’s quote is more inline with how I feel. I am much more focused. My vision for where I want to go is getting clearer.

So it’s true. Everything works to the good of those…..

I got the results of my labs on Friday. I was concerned about them. Three weeks ago my blood sugar was out of whack. The last three weeks have been very good comparatively. I didn’t think it would show up on the lab test. It did. The results were fantastic. Everything was in order, including my A1C. While it’s true I have a kidney stone, this too shall pass.

I’m still not sure how much weight I’ve lost. People are commenting about it now though. And I’m pulling old clothes out of the closet daily.

The Things I did last week for Nutrition:
I stayed as true as I know how to on Whole30. I’m sure I missed some stuff. Sugar is everywhere. For example the ‘Fromm Burger’ I had for the UGA game. I know it has something in it that’s not ‘compliant’. I just didn’t think about it before I decided to eat one. (No bread) And just as important...I forgave myself for it and moved past it.

The things I did last week for Exercise:
I went to the gym every morning. I alternated between Cardio and Resistance days. The on Saturday and Sunday I worked at the office. Not the normal ‘office’ kind of things. More of the “construction, clean up, lifting and carrying” kinds of things. It felt good.

The Things I did to change my thinking
I gave myself a break without feeling guilty. That in itself is a big deal.

The things I did to Inspire myself
Getting my green screens in order on Saturday/Sunday. They weren’t working correctly. I needed to fix them. I got that done. I can move forward on my live streaming plans.

The changes I can see
My face and stomach are thinner. I’ve compared pictures. Cool!!!

The changes I can tell
I’m wearing shorts I couldn’t get into three weeks ago. And dress pants. And my belt is going to run out of ‘cinch’ notches soon.

Affirmative Quote:
I woke up today with strength in my heart, and clarity in my mind.

Peace, Love and Understanding.
I'll See You Down The Road.
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