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Blog Challenge (Week 13)

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Blog Topic: This is the youngest your body will ever be. Ten years from now, what will you look back at and appreciate and even wish it was just the way it is right now?

Ten years from now, when I look back at my body, I will be thrilled for it to be as physically strong as it is today. I have always been strong for a female – even as a child. I had lots of brothers and mostly played with the boys in my neighborhood. I could throw balls as far and as hard as they could. I could run as fast as they could. I played tackle football with them. I could do gymnastics and I was a cheerleader. I was a little athlete.

I got married for the first time when I was almost 20 years old and had a child. My son has Autism and , throughout his life, has required quite a bit of care. My husband and I split when my son was 2 and I raised him on my own. While providing his care was very physical and kept me strong, it didn’t keep me from getting fat.

Over the years, I’ve lost and regained weight multiple times and have always been amazed at how quickly my body responds to being properly cared for. My muscles respond immediately and it doesn’t take long for me to start building up my endurance and aerobic capacity. My legs respond quickest of all and even though I’m still considered obese, I have very well defined calf and thigh muscles.

Right now I’m working on building strength in my core and arms. I think my core is already pretty strong (just covered in too much fat, so I can’t really see my abs). My arms are just beginning to show some definition, too.

Right now – today – my body is strong enough to:

Walk 5 miles in a little over an hour;

Jog 3.5 miles without stopping;

Ride my bike for 15 miles;

Brush and groom my five dogs and a cat;

Help put up a ceiling fan;

Help put up a ceiling light fixture;

Help tear down part of my screened in patio and rebuild it again;

Mow my lawn AND my neighbor’s.

Ten years from now, I will be turning 70 years old and if my body continues to be as strong as it is now, I should still be able to walk my dogs in the park, go hiking, dance, and ride my bike. That would be GREAT!

Live Lightly!
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