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Nov 2017 Daily journal.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

11/30 Thurs. EOM Recap on month

begin: 264.8 ending....255.6 === -9.2 lbs
BMI 44.1%..... END 42.6% == 1.5%
BF 60% .. END... 57.2 == -2.8%
waist-- 51.5 now .. 50 ... -1.5
hips 56 now.. 55 .. -1
thigh..30 .. now..29... -1
chest... 52 now 52

Good month- down 9.2 lbs and 3 1/2"

A lot has changed since the beginning of the month. I'm doing strength everyday now instead of 3x a week. I've started walking avg. right under 6 miles per week. Haven't found a good cardio routine. I became unhappy with the one I had. The last couple of times I've done rockin body-- like it so far. They have a calendar of what video to do each day of the month. I think I will follow that plan for DEC to see if my cardio workouts go better.
I should probably set new goals for DEC but I think I'll think on it and post them tomorrow in my new blog month..

emoticon I did great this month!!

11/29 Wed. 5am 44 out.

I weighed in today; Gained 0.4 (I think my brain got mixed up--- That is the amount I needed to lose to make my goal. But my numbers did improve. BF 57.2% Water 31.3 and BMI 42.6..

I'm sore this morning. My left hip hurts; don't know if it's from sleeping on it or from me increasing my strength training or doing the rockin body dvd yesterday. But it was only a 15 min workout. Probably the strength; I have added standing and lying abductions to my routine and I hold them 5 seconds. My strength is up to 29 min.

I did good this last week. I improved on all of my exercise. This week I think cardio and strength r ok but need to improve on walks (distance). I need to do at least 6 miles a week.

Week's 5 challenge is strength training. Get one point for every 5 mins. I should make at least 45 points.

11/28 Tues 6 am 40 degrees out.

This morning I did my rockin body dvd--mark, move, & groove. 15 min cardio dancing. Been afraid to try it; been several years since I done it and the SP video were too frustrating so I didn't think I could do this one. But I was wrong! I made it through the whole 15 mins. w/o wanting it to end. I do have to admit for a moment in there I felt a little light headed but all I did was slow down and I was fine..

The last couple of days I've been sluggish. Hopefully today will be better. All this week I've weighed 1.4 pounds more than last weigh in. I hope tomorrow when I weigh in I'm down. I wanted to lose 1.5 lbs this time. The last few days I've felt fat! I guess bloated.

11/27 Monday--Today's spark lesson was about sleep. I get lots of sleep. But I do wake up 2-4 times a night to use the bathroom. So does that mean I don't get enough sleep since I don't continuing sleep for 7-8 hours. I'm usually asleep by 8pm and up by 5 am. But wake up 2-4 times for bathroom. Am I getting enough sleep or not? I can't do anything about having to go pee. It is what it is!

I tweak my morning strength again and now it takes me 28-29 mins. Haven't done my stretches today. Don't know why. Just don't want to do them. There are so many things I want to do today but I'm not moving. I really need to do something.

11/26 Sunday--- What happened to Saturday. I thought I wrote in here yesterday. Oh well!

Yesterday I walked Keoni 1.1 miles. Short walk. Don't know why but somehow I didn't do as much yesterday. And I ate too many calories.

Today I revised my strength routine and stretch routine. My strength routine took the same amount of time as it did before I added exercise and reps. Must be getting quicker and stronger and more flexible. Stretch routine now takes 16 mins. that is an increase.

Every time I check the scale I have gained a pound. The last week that did that to me by weigh in day I lost 2 so I'm hoping by Wednesday the scale will drop. My goal for this week was 1.5 pounds. Hope to make it.

11/24 Friday... Doing gereat! Got all of my exercises in yesterday and today!! emoticon Right on track!! Added an app to my phone... Heart rate. My resting heart rate is 58 and during my walk my heart rate is 126. That's cardio mode.

U take 220-age (61)= 159 (maximum heart rate!) Workout between 50-85% of maximum heart rate... 159 x 85%=135 (159x50%=79) So I need to work out between 80-135. At least now I know I am walking fast enough. I was afraid I wasn't walking fast enough.

11/23 Thanksgiving; Didn't wake up until 6am. Usually up by 4. Yesterday went good until last night. I got up around 9pm and cooked a pork chop & drank a protein shake. Then I went back to bed. Maybe taking an evening walk not a good idea. That may have kicked in the hunger button. Also I had a bowl of cereal for dinner. So I definitely went over my allowed calories. I have a headache this morning. Feel tired. Probably feelin this way do to last night blunder. My team is real slow moving on this week's challenge. It only takes a couple of minutes to do their turn... I really wish they would... I've been waiting to take my turn again... but we seem to be stuck.... only 2 other people have taken their turn since me. I need a big cup of motivation this morning. This headache make me want to go back to bed. I sure wish the ibuprofen would kick in.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/22 Wednesday!! Sometimes I get so upset with blog--- Again it is giving me no html pls and won't let me edit.... Let's try again..

Today is weigh in day! Lost 20lbs total. (since oct 26) But back to the 8 week challenge...

Week 3 weigh in 255.2 (-3.8) emoticon Goal was 1.5 New goal 1.5
Miles: 5.06 Goal 8 emoticon New goal 6 (maybe smaller is better)
Strength 110 Goal 110 emoticon ... New Goal maintain 110
Cardio ..144 .... Goal 301... emoticon ..... New Goal 150--- (maybe smaller better)

I didn't make all of my goals but I am still pleased with my results!!! BMI down to 42.3% was 44 emoticon

My weight loss goal for this challenge was 10 lbs--- I've lost 9.6 almost there!!

11/21/17 Tuesday--Yesterday was a great day! Peaked at the scale this morning 256.4 -- down 2.6 lbs. Tomorrow is weigh in day--- be great if I'm down even more. I usually weigh more on tues than I do wed morning. Maybe tomorrow I will be down 3 lbs.

Got my walk in yesterday. Lets see if I can do as good today. Today is last day of this week's challenge. I'm behind in all of my numbers so lets try to get them up some today. I didn't do anything 2 days this week.

I have a headache this morning.

11/20 Monday-- Off to a great start! Sat in hot tub for over a half hour; did strength workout, and did cardio too! Still plan to take walk. It's only 7:43 am. But we r up and going!!

11/20 OOPS! Forgot to write yesterday. Nothing to write about. Spent the day on the couch. Barely managed not to go over my calorie. Was on the high end though. Today I must get it back together!!! emoticon

11/18 Sat..... Yesterday I got up and got going. Went on 2 walks and did my strength. This morning I've done strength. I still have cardio to do but it is only 630 am. Checked in with spark coach & small challenges. Dishwasher running. Going to be another good day! emoticon

11/17/17 Friday.. Yesterday was suppose to be my cardio day. I got into a funk yesterday and didn't do anything. I woke up a little sore- got in the hot tub--and then I didn't do anything. I even brought my socks & shoes out yesterday afternoon to go for a walk and never put them on. I stayed in my allowed calories but kept munching. This morning I woke up in the same funk. I'm dressed-- today is strength day--I manage to get my ankles sore- I did ankle exercises yesterday--I read an article on spark people--.

I need to get up and do something!! It's still dark out....................... I'm back! Still haven't done my strength training but I did do yesterday cardio. I went for a walk and it started to sprinkle on my head. Stopped by the time I got home. Got in a mile!! It's only 8 am & now I need to do my strength and maybe do another walk this afternoon. Today might still turn out to be a good day!!

11/15 Wednesday!!! Weighed in this morning and I had lost 2.4lbs. I'm so happy. Week 2 was a little rough. I ended with my left hip bothering me and tired. But I DID get up and do my strength and went for a walk. Also been wanting to eat more today but so far under control. This week's challenge is easy--- 4 colors a day for freggies. I already do that. By lunch time I already had four colors in. This week's challenge might be easy but I am going to try to increase my mileage & strength minutes.

11/1/17 start weight 264.8

Week--- Weight -- Dist--- Strh--- cardio
1 ....... 261.4 .... -0- ..... 110 ..... 78
2 ..... 259.0 ..... 5.98 ..... 73 ...... 301
3 ...... 255.2 ........ 5.06 .............110 .......... 144
4........ 255.6 ..... 5.69 .. .. ... .. .164 .... ... ...230
For week 3 Let's try to do 8 miles; 110 strength, and maintain cardio for 1 week 310. Let's try to lose 1.5 lbs. emoticon emoticon emoticon

WEEK 4 GOALS: 6 miles; 110 strength; cardio 150; weight -1.5lbs emoticon

11/14 Tuesday. Looks like I only lost 1 lb this week. Know for sure tomorrow. And my week started out good - was down 3 - Saturday must have killed me. Bad day. almost 3k calories. But 1 is better than none!

11/12.. CATCH-UP DAY!!!
I blew it yesterday! I slept all day and I went over on my calories! Way over! I was so tired yesterday... so instead of today being R&R day it's now Catchup Day!

11/11 emoticon Thank U to All the Veteran's!! Who have served & those that r still serving!! I wish there was no such thing as violence and/or crime. I wish the WHOLE WORLD could learn to live in peace. What a wonderful world it would be. But THANK YOU for standing up and representing us with ur life! Love u--

Good morning... Woke up with loads of get up and go energy. Sat in my spa for 15 min (instead of usual half hour) got out and my get up and go ---went! If u happen to find it please return to me!! Come on Ronda-- get it together--tomorrow R&R. U HAVE TO STAY ON TRACK!! Maybe if I take a short morning nap my get up go might come back.

Yesterday was excellent!! I kept all of my goals. I even went out to eat at an all u can eat buffet. After eating walked down onto the riverwalk and they were playing music for the Freedom Fest. Beautiful night out. I did really good. Didn't eat the wrong foods. or too much!! First time I've been out eat since I started over. Been back for 21 days now.

Slept good last night. Didn't go to bed until 10pm but I didn't hurt all night and didn't have bad dreams. Only woke up twice last night. Felt great when I got up.

I think I'm going to eat breakfast and take a short nap. Then I think I will go into the garage and clean it out some. Still need to take dogs on their 20 min walk.

I can do this!!

11/10 Good morning. What a horrible night! Bad dreams, waking up every 2 hours, both hips & knees hurt. I was so tired I went to bed early -- maybe I shouldn't do that! I do feel better now than I did at 3:30 am. I was extremely tired then. Still am not as bad.

Yesterday I completed everything on the daily challenge. I think I need to cut back some of the physical challenges. I'll emoticon in 2 days I get a break. Sunday's is ALWAYS my R&R day! Then 2 days after that and this week is over!! It all depends on my hips & knees!

I was on the hungry side yesterday but I stayed under 1500! Barely! 1460..

Today I am going to Laughlin to have dinner with a friend. She's buying. She's taking us to an all u can eat buffet. With prime rib & seafood. OH NO!!! I need to figure out what I can eat without blowing my good habits. I love seafood! Maybe a tiny piece of different kinds & lots of veggies!!

It's Friday!! Let's make the best of it.. Great day ahead. Starting with a soak in the hot tub. I hope that loosen up the hips.


11/9 :-( The sellers won't come down! And I can't afford more. Looks like that house is a no do. I was hoping to move to Oak Harbor. Oh well. Kingman's ok. Always did plan on dying in this house.

This past year I painted the interior all different colors, put in new carpet (bought the thickest memory foam padding & thickest carpet) so soft!, even purchased a painting and purchased couch & loveseat to match d├ęcor, a recliner too, New curtains, planted a new tree (silk tree) real pretty leaves and get pink flowers will grow 25x25. Suppose to grow 3 feet a year. Also purchased a hot tub that I put in my garage. Maybe I should stay here. Needs a few repairs and the exterior stucco needs to be patched and paint the whole exterior. Already know what color. I found the color in the mountain rock. It's kind of a orange. pinkish orange maybe. Seen while driving to New Mexico. And that's when I knew what color I wanted my house.

Yesterday I completed everything I was suppose to do. I took a couple of naps. Wore me out. I feel asleep without eating dinner. That might explain why I am so hungry today. Already did my me time. First thing... I go sit in my spa for half hour. best me time I can think of. Done my 20 mins cardio. Still need to take dog for walk. Yesterday my Keoni was so happy to go for walk. He stood tall, had a bounce in his step, tail curled up high on his back... he was so happy... and tongue hanging down to his knees on the way home. Thank goodness yesterday was a nice cool day-- about 70-- and when we got home he didn't even head for his water dish. Such a happy dog.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/8 I did it again. I thought about writing yesterday I was going to write yesterday and I didn't write yesterday. I just can't keep putting it off till evening time it just doesn't work.

Good morning it's Wednesday! Yesterday went quite well. I track my food & I stayed within my calorie allotment. I did my cardio. I do like going into the spa before exercising. It warms me up and loosens me up and it feels great at this time in the morning. But makes me run behind on my schedule but that's okay.
The first week challenge is over. I did great woohoo!

Weight 2 61.4 (-3)
Body fat 60%
Body water 29.3%
BMI 43.8%

This week's goals are:

1. Lose 2 lbs. [I need to lose 7 in 7 weeks]
2. I need to get my strength training together. I still don't have a steady routine. I've been doing strength exercises but I need a steady routine. I was reading that you need to do the same ones in the same order and about the same time of day everyday for your muscles to get used to it and start developing. Once you hit a plateau then you want to change it up. Which can consist of changing the order adding more reps to it. But I do need to get a routine together. We're going to try to work on that again this morning. Today's Strength Training Day again!
3. A week's menu. I still haven't made a week's menu. I have 11 lunch and dinner ideas written down. Still need 4 more. And I still need 7 breakfast's and 14 snacks.

Here's a beg. pic.
WOOHOO! Week 2 start today! I got this!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/6 Monday. Still need to plan out my strength exercises. Don't really have which ones figured out. There is 20+ that my doctor gave to me to do. That's a lot. Sometimes I think these young doctors forget how old I am. and how out of shape I am. Maybe if I try to do only 1 rep to start and after a few weeks or in a month increase to 2 reps & so on. Take is slow and steady. If I do that I need to do them in the same order. (according to what I've been reading) Says the body needs the same routine for appx 3 months b4 changing it. Otherwise u defeat the whole purpose of strength training.

Yesterday I stayed on track with my food. Today good so far. Wanted to munch yesterday. I have the willpower to succeed. Got it!! Keep saying it over and over. I will succeed.

11/5 I have been trying to post in my journal all morning without success. It hasn't been letting me. So I'll try again. Ok it let me post that. so here goes:

Yesterday started out great!! Then went downhill!! By 10am yesterday I had done my cardio, vacuum the house, drank 6 glasses of water, had brkfst, checked in with my spark teams, checked in with coaches, and then the day started to go bad. I got hungry!!!! Tried not to eat.. too early for morning snack. Drank some more water. Still hungry!!!!!! Decided I would have a protein shake and that should hold me over til 1pm lunchtime. OH NO! that didn't work. Still sooooooo hungry! Why am I so hungry today? Ended up making lunch. Had a pork steak sandwich; still hungry; ate some more; lunch ended up being 700 calories. by the EOD I consumed 2700 calories!! OUCH!!

It's doing it again. Not letting me post. Glad I'm trying a little at a time..

Ok it posted again... Let's continue with the story;
My goal is 1540-1980 but I have managed to keep it under 1500 calories until yesterday. I did really great for 2 weeks. Don't know what happened.

Sunday--that's today! Weighed in lost 3lbs but probably gain some of that back by Tues when I weigh in for my team challenge. Yesterday's calories will have caught up with me by then

Sunday is my R&R day! My PJ's day except last night I fell asleep with my clothes on. I woke up at 4am. I've written this blog 3 times and haven't been able to get it to post. It's now 530am. Today's plans are to water the exterior plants, watch tv, sleep, and maybe empty the spa and clean it and fill it up with clean water. Well here goes .. I hope it post this time.. keeps giving me no html please.

11/3 Fri!! Today was my strength exercises. I did them. I also added a couple of neck exercises (my dr. gave to me to do) Boy is my neck sore. Kinda burns. Tmw.cardio. I'm sticking to my plan. No goofs ups!!

Yesterday I felt more energetic than today. I was more hype up and happier. Today is an average day... yesterday was a good day. Don't know what affected my mood differently. Everything went good today! In fact it has been a good week.

I purchased some protein drinks & bars. I was hoping the protein would help me from eating all day. I have been doing good. 3-meals 2 snacks and kept my calories under 1500 but for some reason I decided these shakes & bars might help. Right now I think I'm going to use them as snacks.

11/2 Thu.. I have been sticking to my plan. I did some cardio this morning, laundry, and raked doggy yard. The trash is out front for the trashman tmw morning.

The high today 70; with a little bit of a breeze. Let the fresh air in.

I tracked my food. Just a little over 1200 which is good because I am allowed 1590.

Today has been a good day! But I feel really fat.

11/1 Wed. Today is the 1st day of the Dwindling Diva's 8 week challenge. I'm really looking forward to this. Even though in the last 48 hours I've gained 2#'s.

Start: WEIGHT 264.8
BMI 44.1%
BF 60%
BW 29.3%
waist... 51.5

I have been keeping my SMART GOALS; I started with 10 mins a day exercise, been keeping my calories below 1590-1940... Been making my daily goals but I've gained in the past 2 days. This is how I get discouraged. Been watching what I eat. Trying to keep the meals balance. At first I wasn't eating any grains (carbs) and I dropped 11lbs; now I have 1 serving grains with each meal. I've tried to keep these servings small; for example last night I had 1 oz angel hair pasta with my 4 oz cod, asparagus & low-fat cottage cheese w/fruit. I'm making sure I get in 5 servings a day fruits & vegetables. I'm trying to do this right. I've even set my phone up with reminders to maintain the same time every day for meals & snacks. Feelin a little down about the 2lb gain but that's ok. I will stick to my plan and quit weighing myself every day. Weigh once maybe twice a week. RONDA U GOT THIS!! emoticon
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