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The Ol' Miss America Wave [wink wink]

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I can do that now with my left hand. How does that go again: wrist-wrist-elbow-elbow move. All with the hand cupped-Yes! And as of a few days ago, I was released from the big rice paddle splint. Whoo!

It was great for shoveling popcorn into my face, but quite limiting in every other area of my life. I've also whacked myself in the face too many times while attempting to sleep, yowch.
Mental note: need more eye cream.
I'm 4 weeks out now from getting a Digital Sympathectomy procedure done on my other hand. I've only got 2 hands, so I'm done with hand surgeries for now (thank God!).

There was a slight hitch 2 weeks ago when all of my incision sites got a bit infected and I was instructed to remove as many sutures as possible from home, since my Erythromelalgia flares caused so much swelling and tearing *gross!*. Boy, YouTube can teach you how to do anything, huh?

This time around with the rice paddle, I've gotten pretty good at using it to my advantage- Holding shirts on hangers, a towel rack. Shoot, if chronic pain weren't an issue for me, I could have probably made and hung fresh pasta on it, ha!

My Hand specialist said that this hand was much worse once he got a look inside, so it will take longer to heal. And I should not expect as much of an improvement temporarily with circulation as in my other hand. We'll see about that. Why are these peeps so negative? : )

What to do with the 2 braces now that I no longer need them? Hmm, I could put them both on, wave my arms around really fast and turn myself into a human fan! Generate my own wind energy?? Meh, sounds sweaty. Maybe attach them to 2 hockey sticks and use them as kayak paddles or something. I will keep brainstorming. Buh bye splints!

One thing is for sure, Olive couldn't care less what I do with them:

Now that the splint is off I haven't improved much with finger dexterity when it comes to toiletry products just yet. I've graduated to squeezing my deodorant between my knees and then bargaining with that cap to come off, often just before shooting it across the bathroom like a magnolia scented projectile. But it's still funny, go figure.

More physical movement soon is the goal. Less pain? Probably not, but that's ok. More Sparking? Yep yep. I've missed it.

Eight more weeks of physical therapy, and then I'm going to 'Miss America' it up with my fancy left hand wave. I'm feeling the need for some really of obnoxious false eyelashes...

'Nuff Said.
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