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My unexpected Ancestry DNA Results! Beyond surprised!

Friday, October 20, 2017

As a women especially an "African American Women" my identity has been very limited. Basically African American is implying that I'm somewhere from Africa. Just like Europe, all of Africa is not the same. North, South, East, West the people vary all across the board. In addition, my mother was adopted so we missed out on an entire side of our family that we would never know. My mom appearance is very, very unique and people have always wondered what was her ethnicity. Well, we finally got the answers to our questions. I can't begin to tell the range of emotions we've experienced while gathering around our computer viewing our results on Ancestry.

My mother results were as follows: .

In summary, my mom is 57% African and 38% European with traces of "Middle Eastern Decent" We were amazed and what was the most beautiful thing about this was the smile on her face knowing who she is and where she comes from. Needless to say, I was speechless and of course ANXIOUS to view mine. My results were as follows: . Again, needless to say I was speechless!! I couldn't believe that I was part of so many cultures!! I assumed my African percentage would be much higher; however I'm 67% African 28% European 5% Asian (Including Middle Eastern trace regions). My African traces (Congo, Ivory Coast & Benin Togo) west coast Africa. My European traces were European Jewish and Irish. I would have never in a million years expected this! All I've known all my life was that I was African American; however as we see the story is much more complex than that. This has been an amazing experience for my family and perhaps this blog can help you or perhaps someone you may know. These results not only gave my family peace but also gave my mother happiness while educating us on our history.

P.S How do I feel? I feel blessed to have so many various cultures running in my veins. Peaceful. I've always loved people and could never understand why people can be so cruel to others because of their skin color. We all are human beings. emoticon
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