whole30, day 5

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I felt like I ate so much FAT yesterday, but I *was* full!

Eggs, chicken sausage and potato for breakfast

Larabar at 2pm

2 deviled hard boiled eggs (that's with "compliant" mayo)

pork roast with broccoli and cauliflower

I don't think I've eaten so much meat since I lived with my parents, who were huge on meat consumption. I have fatty liver, so it concerned me and made me wonder if this plan will harm my liver even more. But I went online and saw an article from Mark Hyman and a few other doctors saying, guess what?, good fats DON'T cause fatty liver. You know what does? Sugar and simple carbs do. And I definitely had been tossing those in my pie hole like someone with a furnace-like metabolism. Except I don't have a metabolism like that and have been gaining weight pretty steadily.

Now today, i'm on day 5

pork roast and brocc/cauli with an egg over it for Meal 1

Meal 2 was more pork roast and veggie with a sweet potato and a pear

Had a sliced cucumber just now b/c i'm hungry and my breath still reeks!

Meal 3 is KNOWINGLY going to be lasagna. I'm actually not looking forward to this. I know I don't have to do it but, I think I really don't mind starting over or adding another week to my whole30. I feel really good and am ok with doing that. My main concern at this point is that I don't have enough money until I get paid again in 12 days to buy the haul I bought to get me through this week.

Will have to do a lot of frozen veggies and fruit this week.

We'll see.

What have I learned in 5 days?

- It really is about the food, as the book title says. I put too much emphasis on making each meal spectacular, which for me meant junky. If I'm truly hungry, an apple should do me fine, or a salad with a protein. But I've attached meaning to eating junk = the only fun I have is food, so let me have my junk. Unfortunately, my very high weight, cholesterol and fatty liver don't agree, so here I am!

- Yes, eating well is work. It is a lot of prep work, but I already was doing prep work before I started this program b/c I cook EVERYTHING. We do buy takeout but maybe twice a month. I make my kids' lunches, my husband's soup lunch for the week, dinners, everything. The only downside I'm experiencing is how much thought I have to put into what I eat. Like now, I'm angsting a bit over what I'm going to eat next week. And that leads me to...

Look, I'm an adult. The Whole30 started b/c that Melissa lady put together a program for herself to get healthy. She blogged about it and it's taken on a life of its own. She's a grown-up and so am I. The truth is, I'm not doing this to figure out if I'm allergic to anything. I'm doing it b/c I'm too fat. I have to lose weight and do it in a way that makes me happy about my choices and allows me to lose weight. I'm only 5'2" and weigh well over 200 lbs. That is dangerous and unhealthy.

So, what I'm trying to get to is...I am going to keep to the W30 template, but I'm adding back in
plain nonfat greek yogurt
peanut butter.

I have to.

My budget cannot sustain feeding 3 other very, very hungry people AND me on this plan.
I know the purists who should ever read this would harumph at me and say well, you're not really doing the whole30. And they're right. Maybe one day when I have more disposable income, I can do a true w30.

But the truth is I FEEL REALLY GOOD. And I'm going to keep doing this modified version and see where it takes me.

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  • ALOFA0509
    Your already making strides in eating cleaner and watching your portions!!! That's awesome.. My sister started whole 30 in October,, she called her journey :Whole 30 Selections".. lol emoticon she picked a few things she was gonna change. No Alcohol, No Bread, No Sugar, No rice... She's lost 8 lbs so far.. She's benefiting from those small changes.. You will too.. Just find what work's for you!! I think your plan is Great. Stick to that and your gonna see results emoticon emoticon emoticon
    900 days ago
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