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Imagine it's a game....

Monday, October 16, 2017

You know those board games... like Chutes and Ladders or Candyland, where you're trying to reach the finish line, and you pull cards to propel you forward, but sometimes you pull a card that sets you back a few spaces, or all the way back to start. You can't choose which card you get, so it's the luck of the draw...

Well, I'm thinking of my weight loss journey as something similar... while it's much more serious than a simple game, as it involves my health and self-esteem and quality of life... looking at it as a game in which there are spaces I traverse has actually helped me.

See, I have been on this game board path for so many years... making it halfway (or closer) to the finish line only to draw a card that set me back, and too often too many backwards cards in a row that I'm all the way back to start.

Here are the cards that I pull that send me forward to my destination: exercising, eating healthy foods, avoiding unhealthy foods, drinking water, journaling, positive self talk, reading motivational books and quotes, etc... all those allow me to take steps forward...

And the cards that send me backwards... skipping meals, giving in to junk food, overeating, skipping water, consuming sugar, criticizing myself, skipping exercise, etc... all these send me a step or two backwards... and then there is the whole basically-giving-up thing, and that sends me back to start.

I don't want to start over ever again. More often than not, when I set myself that far back, my new starting space is even further from my goal! My last starting-again-at the-beginning was officially 1/1/17. I have rocked this game all year, until now. I've recently pulled a few cards that have taken me back a few spaces... and I can't keep losing ground. I refuse to.

So here I am standing in a space that is slightly less than half-way towards my finish line.

Since I can choose the cards I draw, I can simply avoid pulling the "go back 3 spaces" cards. I can choose the "I exercised today!" or "I ate healthy today!" cards and take a step or two or three forward. The more forward cards I choose, the closer I get to goal.

So now I'm fully back in the game. There's no luck of the draw in this... I choose my cards 100% and I'm choosing to go forward!

I'm going to win this game. I just know it.
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